Hand lettered Love Canvas

Hello friends! Smitha here today with a totally full DIY home decor project that you can use year after year! Let’s get crafting!


Supplies Used:

Start with a blank canvas of any size you need and choose a color of the mousse. I chose a dark red color today.


Scoop out a little of the Nuvo Embellishment mousse and with a paintbrush mix in some water to thin it down. Then using the thinned out mousse start free handing your letters. img_1631

While lettering, go slow. Go really slow at first. And then go over your strokes a couple of times to create smooth lines. img_1632

Next, to bring in dimension, I used the Nuvo gloss drop to add an outline to my letters. This covers up any uneven lines you might have from the painting. img_1633img_1644

Finally, to add some shine and glitter, I used the Nuvo Crystal drop to slowly add tiny dots inside the painted area. This gives a beautiful faux marquee sign kind of feel. img_1656

img_1645And that’s it! Three steps, three easy steps and you have a cute sign ready to be used!img_1647img_1646


Valentines day is such a great time of the year, because it means spring is around the corner right?

Happy Crafting!

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Paper Christmas Village

Hello friends! Smitha here today and I am making and sharing this adorable Paper Christmas Village with you! Let’s get started!Smitha_Katti_Christmas_paper_villageSupplies used:

You guys, this Toy Emporium Die Set is simply adorable!! Let’s assemble one today shall we?img_9352

You start by cutting the building shapes. You will need two of each to put the building together. I chose a soft blue color to go with my whimsical paper christmas village theme. img_9353

Add glue and adhere all the pieces. This comes together very similar to the Ginger bread houses.


Die cut all the extra details next. I used two contrasting colors- a white and a darker teal cardstock today. You can add as many details as you like to this- there are many options included in the die set!

Like these tiny little wreaths. Aren’t these simply the cutest? Sorry for the zoomed in thumb photo, but I wanted to show the scale of these wreaths. 

I had so much fun building and decorating this Toy Emporium today! It is so cute!!!


To put together my Paper Christmas village, I pulled out the DIY Paper Holiday Trees I made last year. I also added two Gingerbread Houses– I have a video showing how I put those together on my blog.

Smitha_Katti_Christmas_Village Smitha_Katti_for_Tonic_studios

And that’s it! Our little Paper Christmas village is all ready to be displayed and enjoyed. And honestly, this project came out way cuter than I had envisioned and I love it!Smitha_Katti_Toy_emporium

Let me know what you think of this Paper Christmas Village in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!


DIY Place Cards

The Holiday crafting season has begun! Today I am making some pretty place cards that would be perfect for your holiday table!8.jpgSupplies Used:


Using the Super Trimmer, trim cardstock down to 4 by 6 inches and fold to create place cards that measure 3 by 4 inches. This size is perfect to work with!2

Place stencil onto card front and center into position. Using the brush apply a thin (or thick!) layer of embellishment mousse. I like to generally apply a thin layer, this dries so fast and yet adds the right touch of shimmer to the card. 3

You could also alternately use the palette knife to apply the mousse over the stencil. This will give more of a mixed media look and texture to the place cards.


Mix and match your mousse colors to create the perfect color scheme for your party!5

I love how simple it is to add a touch of texture and shine to these cards with the mousse + stencil action. 6

For the names, I die cut banner shapes using the Christmas banner die set and then lettered my guest’s name onto that. The banner shape makes the place card look so special!7

And that’s it! The place cards are ready for your party with friends or family!8

How have your holiday crafting plans been coming along? What projects have you completed already? Let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting!



Thanksgiving Crackers


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, are you planning your table decorations yet? Today I have a fun fall twist on the Christmas Cracker dies to add an extra special touch to your Thanksgiving place settings. These are so easy to customize to perfectly match your color scheme. Let’s get started!

Supply List:


You’ll want at least two colors of cardstock for each cracker, so start by choosing one color for the body and one color for the accent panels. Decide how many you will need to make and start running your plates through the tangerine. There are two dies that make up the main body, but you will need to run your accent panels through several times until you have enough pieces.


Your main pieces will come out scored for easy folding. It’s best to fold these parts before you start to assemble the pieces.



After folding all your lines, start to sort your accent panels. I’m using four different pieces for this project.


Once you have them sorted, you can begin gluing them in place.



After I had all my panels in place, I decided to add some Nuvo glitter drops for extra dimension and sparkle. Be sure to give your Nuvo drops plenty of time to dry before moving on to the next step!


You’ll notice that both body pieces have two tabs on the side for gluing. I decided to use 1/4″ double sided tape for these panels, but you could also use the glue pen. After gluing, use your twine to cinch the diamond sections of both of the main pieces.



I wanted to add another decorative finish to the outside by creating a little banner tag and Fall leaf. This is another great opportunity to customize. You could write each guests name on the tag and use the crackers as a unique place card. I chose to use my “thankful” stamp. First, I covered the vellum tag with my powder tool to prevent extra embossing powder from sticking.


Next I used my Versamark pad to stamp my clear watermark stamp on the tag, then covered with gold embossing powder.



I chose my favorite leaf from the Fallen Leaves die set. Cut one with veins and one without in contrasting colors, then glue together. Then use your tape of glue pen to attach to the cracker.



I made another variation with different colors to mix things up a little.


Don’t forget to fill with a fun treat! Use a tiny glue dot of double sided tape to lightly hold the two pieces together so your treats don’t escape before dinner!


Happy Crafting!



Paper leaf garland

Bring the outdoors inside with this paper leaves garland! You can customize this to match any color scheme you want! I’ll show you how in this tutorial today.

Supplies used:

This is such a fun technique you guys! You can paint, color, use markers or anything you have to create color and texture onto your cardstock. I started by adding a some acrylic paint randomly on my paper and then a thin layer of embellishment mousse to bring a bit of shimmer.

Next, to add some pops of pattern and more color, I added some black paint onto a stencil in af few areas.

These papers turned out so pretty really and it was so much fun to paint. I added some swirls of the Nuvo in orange to tie everything together. Then let it all dry. 

Once our handmade patterned papers have dried, die cut as many leaves as you can from each paper.

To add a pop of color I hand cut a few yellow paper leaves as well and then added them all to the string to form a garland.

This is a simple technique but the texture we added gives it a rustic touch and feel.

It kinda feels like bringing the outdoor woodsy feel indoor. I love how it turned out!

Happy Crafting!


Mwha ahh ahh ahh!!!!!! Monster Treat Boxes

I don’t know what it is, but I love Halloween.  My kids love Halloween.  We always have.  Jacob is probably more into it than Owen, but he’s a crafter too, so that might be part of it.  We just have always enjoyed making costumes, creating and hanging decorations, and just getting our spooky on during this time of the year.

One project that I love to do each year is to create fun little ways to give candy to the kids.  So, if you are looking for a cute, fun, and easy project – that you can mass produce for trick or treaters, school events, or as party gifts at home – these little monster treat boxes are for you!


To start, you are going to want to get your eyeballs made.

This is a simple process, but leaving them to dry overnight will ensure that you can glue them on the next day.

I created large, oval eyes so that monsters were cyclops.  Be creative and have fun with it!

To create the eyes, put your craft mat on top of your glass mat sticky side down.  This will ensure a level surface for them to dry on.

I start by making a base with the white Nuvo drops.  On top of that I carefully layered on the green jewel drops that are translucent so you get a cool effect.  Finally I layered on a drop of black for the pupil.  Just let them sit overnight to dry.

Next it is time to create the boxes.

First, cut out the box base.

****  Next time I do this, I will add the mouth here.  It will much easier to add that on flat paper than once the box is up!!  Just be sure that you put it on the correct panel.****

Next, grab your tape runner and begin assembling your boxes.

Once the boxes are assemble, you can add the pom poms.  Make sure that the glue is in spots that will allow you to still open the box!

Sketch on your mouth with a pencil if you want to try it out first – then use the black marker to fill it in.

Grab your eye ball and apply a little bit of adhesive to the back.  Glue it box.

Then use your marker to add some eyelashes if you want.

Put everything to the side, allowing it all to dry completely.

All that is left now is to add the candy and share with your friends!

Happy Halloween!


Sparkly Jack ‘O Lantern

It’s finally October!  That means Halloween and fall decorations are everywhere we look.  My house is always decked out with Jack ‘O Lanterns, ghosts and all other things Halloween.

Recently I saw the cutest wood slice pumpkins on Pinterest.  I knew I could make that and give it my own spin using some Tonic Studios dies, Nuvo glitters and glues.  Here is my Sparkly Jack ‘O Lantern.


Supplies include:



To begin, paint the wood slice using acrylic paint.  Since this slice was cut with a chain saw I had to sand it first but if you buy a wood slice I don’t think you will have to do that!

To create the face, I used the smallest die in the Jubilant Jubilee Bunting Set and the banner die from the Grand Gala Bunting Set.  I covered some white cardstock with Be Creative tape and die cut with so the adhesive would be on the front of the die.

Once everything was die cut, I removed the release paper and put the die cuts into the glitter.  I burnished the glitter into the Be Creative Tape so it would stick really good.  Then I used some Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive to adhere the eyes, nose and mouth to my pumpkin.  This is a really good all-purpose crafty glue.  As you can see in the picture, there is a bit of glue peeking out from the mouth of my pumpkin.  It’s a good thing the Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive dries clear, you won’t see it later!  I added some raffia and some leaves that I created for another project.  You can see how the leaves were created HERE.


I love my cute my Jack O’Lantern!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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