DIY Embellished Gift Bags

When embellishing gift bags, I like to keep it simple but the end result still needs to add a little drama. Because if you are decorating gift bags for a party, you will have a bunch of them to make and keeping the process simple speeds things along. Using the Layering Butterfly die set is perfect for such occasions!


Supplies used:

I start by die cutting butterflies using the Layering Butterfly die set. When I have my Tangerine Machine out I like to die cut more than I need for a project, that way I always have a few extra beautiful die cuts to make a quick matching tag or card.


Now comes the easy part. Simple adhere the butterflies one atop another and to create a stunning dimensional butterfly! I love how easy it is to make these!


As a final touch, I used Nuvo Crystal Drops Gloss to add small tiny circles in the centre of each butterfly. And the bags are ready for the guests!


Another way to add these butterflies to larger paper bags, is by first decorating the bag top with a paper doily. This gives a great frame like area for you to add the butterflies.


Again I layer the butterflies, this time I added a gold butterfly as one of the layers to add a little shine to the bag.


To finish off these bags I used a soft pink shade of Nuvo Crystal Drops Gloss in Bubblegum shade to add dimension and gloss to the centre of each butterfly.


Now come party day, I simply fill the bags with treats, fold the top of the paper bag down and these pretty embellished gift bags are ready to go!


These are a few simple ideas to embellish gift bags for your spring parties. You could take this idea a step further and make matching cards, tags, banners etc using the same Layering Butterfly die set. Wouldn’t that be fun?



Valentine Party Decor with kids

Create an entire Valentine’s Party Decor using the Layering Basics Traditional Heart die set. You can easily put together a small backdrop, a banner, gift bags and few cards in an afternoon. And best of all, you can have your kids join in on the making!


Supplies used:

I went ahead and die cute lots of heart shapes using the Layering Basics Traditional Heart die set. I cut a few different sizes of hearts from a few different shades of pink cardstocks.


Once the die cutting was done, I had my kids help prepare all of the party decor! We made a LOVE banner by adhering the die cut pink hearts onto red foam letters.

img_1673We just adhered all the hearts randomly, but you could easily create a neat pattern with the small hearts. The kids sure had a lot of fun getting the banner done!


I strung the letters together with some twine and the banner was ready!


To create a heart backdrop, we die cut large heart shapes using the Layering Basics Traditional Hearts die set once again. We chose pinks and reds this time.


To make the backdrop, cut a desired length of twine, and sandwich the twine at places between a small and large heart shape. We added a heart about every 6 to 8 inches.


You can make these heart chains as long as you need and vary the colors as you hang them up on the wall. This is quick and easy way to make a large backdrop!


My daughter also wanted to make a few cards for the invitees. So we trimmed some pink cardstock using the V trimmer and then folded them to form cards. We then added hearts onto the cards to make them Valentine themed.


Finally, we also quickly decorated some treat bags with the die cut hearts. We will fill these with small treats and gifts for the guests!


Really, it’s that easy to create an entire Valentine themed party using just one die set! The options are endless, you can similarly create cupcake toppers, decorative items or food labels. Happy Valentine’s days to you all!



Valentine’s Day Treat Bag


Giving someone special a little treat just makes me feel good inside — especially if it’s hand made. Tonic’s Tent Gift Bag die is so versatile to use for any occasion, but I thought it would make a great Valentine’s Day treat! You can fill it with candies, jewelry, gift cards, or any other small items. The possibilities are endless!

Supplies used:


I started by cutting the complete bag and the accent frame out of kraft cardstock.


Next, I cut the hearts and vellum piece. I usually go ahead and cut several sizes so I can choose the perfect one when assembling.


I set them aside and cut some more embellishments. Again, I just cut several sizes at once.


I ended up cutting these flowers out of the checked pattern and a solid red cardstock for stacking.


I decided on the size that I wanted  and started forming the petals with the floral craft tool.


I stacked and glued the pieces together and glued to the center of my die cut heart.


I assembled the bag and glued the edge shut. It was really very easy since all the score lines are there for you. Then I added the elements I had already set aside to dry on the front of my bag.


I filled with some chocolate and held it closed with some red and white twine.


I hope this inspires you to give a little gift from the heart!



DIY Felt Hearts

Felt is one of my favorite supplies to work with and these DIY Felt hearts are so beautiful and addictive to make! You can use these as tiny pillows, ornaments or a as a way to teach your kids to start sewing!


Supplies used:

To make these Felt hearts, I started out by die cutting heart shapes using the Layering Basics Traditional Heart from different colors of felt. heart_felt_diecuts

Next, I die cut the Rococo Delicate Heart shape from cream colored felt many many times. Die cutting such an intricate design with felt is not too difficult – make sure you add a few sheets of cardstock as a shim along with the felt while die cutting and it works like a charm!


Once all the die cutting is done, this is a perfect project to finish while watching your favorite TV show. Hand-stitch two felt hearts and a Rococo die cut heart together using a contrast colored embroidery floss. Halfway through, stuff the heart  pocket stuff it with some cotton stuffing or scrap felt. Finish sewing all around and tie a knot, trim the floss.


To make things prettier, I went ahead and used my favorite spring colors of Nuvo Crystal Drops gloss and added small dots all around each heart.


In these photos you can get a better look of how the Nuvo drops look. You can mix and match the colors to create endless options!



I have all of my felt hearts in a jar right now, the perfect way to add some Valentine touch to my mantle!


What would you use these felt hearts for? Let me know in the comments below!



New Year’s Eve Ensemble


Are you getting together with friends and family to celebrate the New Year?  If so I have a few projects to share with you that are quick and easy to create and will add a personal touch.

These are the supplies needed to create all of the projects.


I used the 1064E bottle wrap keepsake thin insert die set to cut three pieces of black cardstock for the bottle wrap.


Next, I added red line tape to the long tabs on the left side of the die cuts.  I like to use a really strong adhesive when I am creating three dimensional projects.  I also folded the pieces on all of the score lines.  The die creates all of the score lines so it’s a very easy die cut to work with.


Here is a look at all of the die cut pieces put together.  I just have to adhere the last tab and then the bottle wrap will take its shape.


I used the large scalloped rectangle and the decorative insert in the same die set to cut a decorative gold mirror piece for the outside of the box.


I used the large Nuvo glue pen to add adhesive to the back of the gold mirror decorative die and added that to the top of the deep rose large scalloped edge rectangle die.


Here is a look at the die cuts layered together and added to the bottle wrap.


I wanted the word celebrate to stand out a little more so I added Nuvo crystal glaze to all of the letters and then I added some Nuvo sparkle dust – snow glow


To create the tag for the wine bottle wrap I used the number dies from the Advent Treat Squeeze Box Die Set and the Star Layering Die Set.


I die cut a black star and a deep rose star and layered the two pieces using craft tacky glue. Then I added the gold mirror numbers to the layered stars.  I used the smaller gold mirror stars to decorate the sided of the wine bottle wrap.


Here is a look at the finished wine bottle wrap and the star tag.


Adding the sparkle dust really makes the word celebrate pop.


Here is a close up of the star 2017 tag.  I punched a small hole in the tag and used some ivory and gold edge ribbon to tie up the wine bottle wrap and add the tag.


Next, I embossed some napkins.  This is so fun, quick, and easy to do.  Just emboss the napkin like you would a piece of paper.  Solid colored napkins work the best for embossing.  I used the modern chevron 8 x 8 embossing folder to emboss all of the napkins.


Here is a close up to see the great embossing detail on the napkin.


For my third project I created a fun treat box using the pillow box & sentiments/tag die set. I die cut the box from black cardstock and using gold mirror cardstock for the sentiment.  This is another die that created all of the score lines for you.  To assemble the box I added red line tape to the sided and lined out the edges of the paper and score lines.  This box goes together very easily.


To finish off the pillow box I added dots of the Nuvo glitter drops – honey gold to the front of the box.  I punched a small hole in the word party.  Then, I added some ribbon and tied on the word party and added a box. These boxes would be great to add some candy or maybe some confetti.


The the last project I made some wine glass charms.  These really come in handy if you are having several guests so people don’t get their glasses mixed up.  I used the star layering die set to cut a few black stars.  Then, I used the Rococo mini wreath decoration die set to cut some of the smaller shaped with gold mirror cardstock.  I used the craft tacky glue to layered and adhere the die cut pieces.  I punched a small hole in the stars, added a gold jump ring and then tied a piece of metallic gold string onto each heart.  The charms can be tied on to the stem of the wine glasses.


The wine glass charms look great on the glasses.


I hope you enjoyed all of the New Year’s Eve projects.  They are quick and easy to make. You could use them for a celebration at your own house or they would be great for gift giving, especially the wine bottle wraps.

I hope you all have a very Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve!  Here’s to 2017!!

Happy crafting,

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My New Year’s Eve Table

At our house, we welcome a new year with a fancy dinner.  This year, our kids will be off doing there own thing.  So I invited another couple we have been friends with for over 30 years.  I wanted the table to look great but didn’t want to spend a bunch.  So  I challenged myself to only spend $10 on the table decorations. I decided on these Tonic Studios supplies:

I decided a trip to the dollar store would be a good idea.  Here is what I found……


I already had the bottle of wine and the mirror.  So I spent $6 at the Dollar Store for 3 battery-operated candles, 2 glass vases and 1 black plastic tablecloth. To get started, I decided to alter the battery-operated candles with some glitter.


I used the Funky Glue, a brush and Nuvo Pure Sheen Rose Gold Glitter.


I used a paint brush to apply the glue to the bottom half of my candle and then sprinkled on the glitter and shook of the excess.


While these dried, I got busy with the glass vases.

I used the Funky Glue Pen, paint brush, clean glass vase and Nuvo Radiant Gold Gilding Flakes.

First I applied the glue just around the edge of the vase.  Don’t worry if it’s not a straight line or anything…..that just makes it look even better.

Then using my fingers, I applied the gilding flakes.  Don’t try to brush off the excess until the glue is very dry.

Once the glue was dry, I used a soft brush to brush off any excess gilding flakes.  If there was a spot that didn’t get covered, I just applied more glue and the flakes.


While my candles and vases were drying, I die cut some gold mirror cardstock using the Star Layering Die set  and Build a Wreath Star Bauble die.

Then I printed out a menu for our fancy dinner!

I printed the menu onto some vanilla cardstock.   I am using the Cockle Shell Layering Basics Die Set for all three layers of my menu.

Using the Scotch Removal Tape, I position the die onto my menu.  Then I ran it thru my Tangerine Die Cutting Machine.  I used the 2 larger sizes to die cut the gold mirror cardstock and the black cardstock.

I used the Funky Tape Runner to adhere all my layers together.  Now I have everything ready to decorate and set my fancy table.


Here is my fancy table…..

I used an upside down wine glass to place one of the glitter candles in the middle of the mirror.  I added some pine cone ornaments from my Christmas tree in the vases and scattered the gold stars all over.



I got out my mother’s china for this special occasion.   Remember if you don’t use your special stuff…….it never gets used!

I love how this turned out and I think our guests will love this special dinner, too!  I hope you will have a wonderful time celebrating the new year!








New Year’s Celebration


A new year is a fresh start and a great way to clean the slate. I love celebrating it at home, with family and friends and a little paper crafted goodness. Cheers to 2017!

Supplies you will need to create this tablescape:

Just because the holidays are over, don’t put away that Advent Treat Box Die set yet! I have a fun way to use this die to make 3D geometrical paper decorations.

Die cut two advent boxes using the die in the Tangerine Machine.


Assemble each Treat box to form a 3D triangle shape.


Thread a string through the top of one of the triangles, and then glue the two triangle pyramids together as shown below. Use a strong adhesive and let the glue dry thoroughly. backdrop

Make as many of these 3D diamond like shapes to decorate the backdrop of your party buffet. These make such a fun modern paper decoration!5

To make the banner, I used the Rectangle Layering Die set to die cut several rectangle shapes from some gold glitter paper. I then adhered the alphabets onto the banner to spell CHEERS.



With the small scraps of gold glitter paper left over, I die cut a bunch of small stars using the Layering Die -Star.


Adhere these stars onto to small toothpicks and add them to your brunch table for a fun addition of sparkle!




Happy Crafting my friends! I hope this inspires you to create something special of your own!

And also, here’s to a great crafty year ahead! Happy New Year everyone!