Stamped Party Invite

Hello friends! Smitha here today and we are going to be creating a minimalistic party invite. It’s time to get ready to celebrate 2018!


Supplies used:img_9358

First, trim a 8.5 by 11 inch of cardstock in half, and fold to make a card. 

I started by stamping my sentiment “It’s party time” with a sticky ink and the poured gold embossing powder all over it. The Nuvo embossing powder in really fine and catches fine details neatly.


I quickly heat embossed the sentiment, and love how crisp the lines came out!img_9362

Next, I repeatedly stamped the same sentiment to cover the card front. Using the stamp platform makes it easy to just slide and stamp over and over.

img_9363Smitha_Katti_gold_embossingFor the second card, I skipped the embossing and just stamped the sentiment repeatedly with a darker black ink. Simple, quick and I love the contrast!

After the colorful and glittery holiday season, I felt that going back to basic black and white would be a nice change. I love how these invites turned out!


Thank you so much for crafting with me all year long! Happy new year to all of you friends! May 2018 be the year where all of your dreams come true.

Happy Crafting!


Gilded Reindeer Ornament

Hello friends! I like to add a new ornament each year to our tree, and this year I decided to DIY it. I’m so happy with how this Gilded Reindeer Ornament turned out, and you can recreate this with a few easy steps listed below.


Supplies used:

First step, die cut the Reindeer shape from Kraft brown cardstock. This die cut in itself is so beautiful and intricate, you could use it to decorate any number of holiday crafts!


I die cut 5 shapes and glued them all together to make it thicker and sturdy.


To add the gilding, apply glue to the areas you want the gold to adhere. I added a thin layer of glue to the antlers and in some other areas too.


Once the glue is tacky, add the gilding flakes on top.


Burnish the flakes into place with a dry brush. Brush gently at first and then firmly to remove all the excess gold flakes.


Add the reindeer to a clear ornament with a little fake snow at the bottom and presto you have a special ornament ready for your tree!

What are you crafting for the Holidays this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!



Santa Gift Tag

A fun holiday craft for this Christmas season is this Santa Gift tag! All you need to do is die cut paper and glue in place! Easy as that.


Supplies Used:


Inside the packaging of the die, there is a really handy guide explaining what shapes are what. Using that guide, it’s easy to figure out what colors you need. After that it is pretty quick to cut out all the paper pieces to make the Santa. img_9109

Adhere the paper pieces to form the Santa. This is so easy and the Santa turns out super pretty! One word of advice, make sure to keep all of your little paper die cuts together in a little dish or something to make sure you don’t loose anything.


To add a bit of dimension, I added two small drops of Nuvo black drops for the eyes. Such a simple step, but adds so much drama!


And that’s it! The Santa tag is ready to be used- I added it on top of a gift and it looks so cute! You can easily mass produce these and add them to teachers gifts or gifts for the family!Smitha_Katti_santa_tagSmitha_Katti_santa_tag3

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today and getting ready for the holiday season with some crafting of your own. Happy crafting!



Paper Christmas Village

Hello friends! Smitha here today and I am making and sharing this adorable Paper Christmas Village with you! Let’s get started!Smitha_Katti_Christmas_paper_villageSupplies used:

You guys, this Toy Emporium Die Set is simply adorable!! Let’s assemble one today shall we?img_9352

You start by cutting the building shapes. You will need two of each to put the building together. I chose a soft blue color to go with my whimsical paper christmas village theme. img_9353

Add glue and adhere all the pieces. This comes together very similar to the Ginger bread houses.


Die cut all the extra details next. I used two contrasting colors- a white and a darker teal cardstock today. You can add as many details as you like to this- there are many options included in the die set!

Like these tiny little wreaths. Aren’t these simply the cutest? Sorry for the zoomed in thumb photo, but I wanted to show the scale of these wreaths. 

I had so much fun building and decorating this Toy Emporium today! It is so cute!!!


To put together my Paper Christmas village, I pulled out the DIY Paper Holiday Trees I made last year. I also added two Gingerbread Houses– I have a video showing how I put those together on my blog.

Smitha_Katti_Christmas_Village Smitha_Katti_for_Tonic_studios

And that’s it! Our little Paper Christmas village is all ready to be displayed and enjoyed. And honestly, this project came out way cuter than I had envisioned and I love it!Smitha_Katti_Toy_emporium

Let me know what you think of this Paper Christmas Village in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!


Making Holiday cards in bulk

Making handmade cards for the holiday season need not be daunting- you can easily make these cards in bulk and I will show you how I made these today!Smitha_Katti_holiday_card3

Supplies used:

Mass producing cards can be easy- if you create an assembly line. So first, we die cut all the things we need, I love the scripted Merry Christmas tree- and used green cardstock for the green tree shape and white for the words. When you have your die cutting machine out, die cut everything at once.


Next, apply a thin coat of Nuvo embellishment mousse onto the tree shape. I like using the bristled brush to do this. Paint all the 3 tree shapes at once. img_9098

This adds a touch of shimmer to the tree that is beautiful and soft!


Next, to add more glitter to the card, it is the holiday season after all, I used the Nuvo glimmer paste. I placed my stencil onto the card front and added a thin layer of the glimmer paste.



Again, mass producing is easy as you need to wash the stencil and knife just once- and get to make a bunch a cards!img_9101

Adhere the tree onto the card front. Attach the card front onto the card base. And the cards are ready!


I love the different shine and shimmer each element adds to this card. Makes it so pretty and special.Smitha_Katti_holiday_card4

Do you make your cards at home? My favorite thing to create as a paper crafter has to be a card!


I love the colors in this card! So festive yet modern. What are your favorite holiday colors? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!



DIY Advent Calendar

Hello friends! December is nearly here and I have a fun DIY advent calendar project to share with you all! This one is simple and involves just a few easy steps!Smitha_Katti_Advent_calendar

Supplies used:

First step: Die cut Christmas Tree shapes from a few different green colored cardstock sheets. I used 3 shades of green to add more interest, but to make it quicker you can use just one color of green too. img_9092

Next step: Die cut numbers from 1 to 25 using the Advent Drawer Deco die set. I used a red colored cardstock- to create the classic Christmas color combo.


Adhere the numbers onto the paper trees. I used a liquid glue and needed to add just small dots of glue behind each number.


Add all of the numbers onto the trees. This is something that you can do while watching TV and have your kids help too!


I then added the numbered trees onto small paper packets. I filled out each packet with a kindness prompt for each day and then closed the packet shut and glued the tree in place.

Smitha_Katti_Advent_calendar2I wanted to display this Advent Calendar, so I added all the packets onto a frame and lettered the word “december” onto the glass. Make sure you use a strong adhesive to hold the packets onto the frame so they won’t be falling off soon.


And that’s it! Our advent calendar is ready! I am so excited to open out each days packet with the kids!


How have your holiday crafting plans been coming along? What projects have you completed already? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!


Hand painted Ornaments

I’ve never painted my own ornaments before and was so surprised at how simple a craft this is! The results are unique and you have a one of a kind ornament to decorate your tree with in a few minutes!


Supplies Used:


Start by removing the top of the ornament and keeping aside. We don’t want to get paint on it. Next, using the blender brush apply the darker shade of mousse towards the bottom of the ornament and then apply the lighter colored  mousse towards the upper area.


The embellishment mousse dries very quickly and there is not really much of a wait time. I applied two coats of mousse per ornament to get this really soft, pearly look that is so unique and beautiful!

You can mix and match colors as required for your color scheme and create whole set of ornaments in an afternoon.


And here is how my ornament looks all dried and ready! I purposely left the brush strokes visible, it gives an artsy boutique look and feel. I love how the two colors contrast on each ornament, but you could just one color per ornament if you want too.


Here are the four ornaments I DIYed today. Which color is your favorite of them? I absolutely LOVE the gold one!


I hope this tutorial inspires you to take a look at your ornaments and maybe even upcycle some old ones. Happy crafting!