DIY Embellished Gift Bags

When embellishing gift bags, I like to keep it simple but the end result still needs to add a little drama. Because if you are decorating gift bags for a party, you will have a bunch of them to make and keeping the process simple speeds things along. Using the Layering Butterfly die set is perfect for such occasions!


Supplies used:

I start by die cutting butterflies using the Layering Butterfly die set. When I have my Tangerine Machine out I like to die cut more than I need for a project, that way I always have a few extra beautiful die cuts to make a quick matching tag or card.


Now comes the easy part. Simple adhere the butterflies one atop another and to create a stunning dimensional butterfly! I love how easy it is to make these!


As a final touch, I used Nuvo Crystal Drops Gloss to add small tiny circles in the centre of each butterfly. And the bags are ready for the guests!


Another way to add these butterflies to larger paper bags, is by first decorating the bag top with a paper doily. This gives a great frame like area for you to add the butterflies.


Again I layer the butterflies, this time I added a gold butterfly as one of the layers to add a little shine to the bag.


To finish off these bags I used a soft pink shade of Nuvo Crystal Drops Gloss in Bubblegum shade to add dimension and gloss to the centre of each butterfly.


Now come party day, I simply fill the bags with treats, fold the top of the paper bag down and these pretty embellished gift bags are ready to go!


These are a few simple ideas to embellish gift bags for your spring parties. You could take this idea a step further and make matching cards, tags, banners etc using the same Layering Butterfly die set. Wouldn’t that be fun?



Rainbow Card

Make a cute, whimsical rainbow card very easily by using oval diecuts, this card is sure to bring a smile to your gift recipient. I like to make a bunch of these at once so that I have a stack of rainbow cards ready for the month of March!


Supplies you will need:

To begin, I die cut ovals from rainbow colored cardstock using the Oval Layering Die Set. The ovals are perfect to make a rainbow, but you could also use a stacking circle die set for this.


Once Die cut, I easily layered and glued all of the ovals to form a stack in rainbow order.


To turn the ovals into rainbow arcs, I simply cut the stack of ovals in the center using the V Blade trimmer. Hold the stack of the ovals in one hand and run the trimmer blade back and forth a couple of times in the same place to make sure you cut through all of the layers.


And thats how easy it was to create two rainbows for two rainbow cards! To finish off my rainbows, I hand cut a few cloud shapes from white cardstock using the Tim Holtz 5 inch Mini snips. This handy little scissor makes cutting shapes very easy!


At this point I felt the rainbow needed some sparkle or shine. I reached for my trusty Nuvo drops and chose the Nuvo Glitter Accent – Fresh Snowfall to add a white sparkle and shimmer to the clouds. I first like to outline the cloud shape and then fill it in with the glitter accent. Let the glitter dry and your Rainbow card is ready!


I simply love how the glittery clouds turned out! Because we die cut the ovals for the rainbow, this is a card design that is super easy to mass produce for a class or as an invite!


I hope this rainbow card brought a little color and cheer into your day friends! Happy Crafting!




Paper Shamrocks

Make your own luck with these Paper Shamrocks! All you need are a few sheets of green cardstocks and a heart die! Let’s get crafting!


Supplies used:

I first die cut a a few scalloped rectangles using the Harrop Layering Card Blanks Die set. The scalloped rectangles come in so many different sizes, I love how versatile this die set is- You can use it to make a handmade card and you can also use it to make some organizational labels.


To make the Paper Shamrocks I die cut two sizes of hearts using the Essentials Layerings Heart die set from darker and lighter shades of green cardstocks. You can by all means make these with just one color, but when I have my die cutting  machine out I like to cut a whole bunch of them and then layer them!


I arranged my hearts to form a three leafed clover and adhered them onto the scalloped rectangles I cut previously.


On top of each larger heart, I layered and adhered a lighter shade of green heart to add some dimension and interest. This goes quickly and you can assemble a small quantity of these very quickly!


The last step is to cut a small stalk using the Tim Holtz 5 inch Mini Snips and adhering it into place.


And that easily, you can create a bunch of these paper shamrocks! These would be perfect to use on a handmade card, a banner or on a treat bag!


I went ahead and created about 8 of these so that my daughter could share them with her friends.


May your day be filled with good luck and crafty time!



Organization labels with Nuvo

Hello Crafty friends! Today I am sharing a fun way to get organizing and create your own labels for your craft room using the Nuvo Crystal drops!


Supplies used:

I started by die cutting a bunch of labels using the Harrop Layering Card Blanks Die Set. I simply love the scalloped edge of this die and thought it would be perfect to use for some labels. I like everything white these days, and so I chose a bright white colored cardstock for my project.


Next, to decorate the labels in a simplistic yet colorful manner, I chose a rainbow of colors of Nuvo Crystal drops. I chose bright colors, but really you could use any of the Nuvo Crystal Drops for this project and it would turn out amazing. I then went ahead and added small beads of the crystal drops all along the scalloped edges.


I then let my labels dry for a few hours. In the past, I have always put things to the side to dry and forget about them or smudged them while they were still wet. So nowadays, I place things that are wet onto my Glass cutting mat right in the center of my table while I clean up around it.


Once the drops dried, I wrote in each label and then attached them to bins. I have one bin with all of the Jewel tones and Gloss drops and another with the glitter and crystal drops! Having them labeled makes it easy to put things back where they belong.


I hope this inspired you to organize your craft space! Share pictures with us in the comments below showing how you organize your Nuvo Drops!




Mixed Media Bookmarks for Planners

I am making some Mixed Media Bookmarks today to use in your planner, reading or just to mark your page in your journal. These bookmarks can be customized to say whatever you need!


Supplies used:

I used the Simple Screens Starry Starry Night die to cut out three negative spaces on a blue sheet of cardstock. There are a lot of little tiny pieces that are cut with this die, so be sure to have you Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick on hand!


Using the V trimmer, I trimmed around the die cuts, making them more of a bookmark shape.


Next, I adhered another piece of cardstock beneath the die cut and also glued in a tassel on the top. I wanted a tone on tone look and went with two similar shades of blue here, but you could use a contrasting color of cardstock beneath for a much bolder look.


To bring in a mixed media element and also a subtle shine, I added a thin layer of Nuvo Embellishment Mousse in Aquamarine onto a small part of the bookmark. You want to make sure you apply a super thin layer, because we are not really looking to add bulk or dimension to the bookmark, just some soft texture.


Before the mousse dries, I trimmed and added a a little twine and a few sticker words onto the mousse and pressed down firmly.


After the mousse dried, which takes about 5 minutes of less since it’s a thin layer here, I added a few different Nuvo crystal drops around the bookmark in the center of each small star.


And that’s it! I now have a set of pretty bookmarks, ready to use! I love the details on these bookmarks are they are bound to make you smile every time you use it.




Valentine Party Decor with kids

Create an entire Valentine’s Party Decor using the Layering Basics Traditional Heart die set. You can easily put together a small backdrop, a banner, gift bags and few cards in an afternoon. And best of all, you can have your kids join in on the making!


Supplies used:

I went ahead and die cute lots of heart shapes using the Layering Basics Traditional Heart die set. I cut a few different sizes of hearts from a few different shades of pink cardstocks.


Once the die cutting was done, I had my kids help prepare all of the party decor! We made a LOVE banner by adhering the die cut pink hearts onto red foam letters.

img_1673We just adhered all the hearts randomly, but you could easily create a neat pattern with the small hearts. The kids sure had a lot of fun getting the banner done!


I strung the letters together with some twine and the banner was ready!


To create a heart backdrop, we die cut large heart shapes using the Layering Basics Traditional Hearts die set once again. We chose pinks and reds this time.


To make the backdrop, cut a desired length of twine, and sandwich the twine at places between a small and large heart shape. We added a heart about every 6 to 8 inches.


You can make these heart chains as long as you need and vary the colors as you hang them up on the wall. This is quick and easy way to make a large backdrop!


My daughter also wanted to make a few cards for the invitees. So we trimmed some pink cardstock using the V trimmer and then folded them to form cards. We then added hearts onto the cards to make them Valentine themed.


Finally, we also quickly decorated some treat bags with the die cut hearts. We will fill these with small treats and gifts for the guests!


Really, it’s that easy to create an entire Valentine themed party using just one die set! The options are endless, you can similarly create cupcake toppers, decorative items or food labels. Happy Valentine’s days to you all!



Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial

A mixed media canvas is easily the most creative piece of art you can create. They might look daunting to a beginner, but really it’s all about adding in different layers and textures and it couldn’t be easier! I will walk you through and show you how I made my mixed media canvas today and you can follow these simple steps to create your one of your own.


Supplies used:

I start by gathering few different papers- I usually have a little box in which I collect small tags, papers and items that I like to use on a mixed media canvas. Here I pulled out a pink doily, a book page, some tissue paper, a tag and an old library card. I then trimmed everything to what I size I needed using the Tim Holtz Titanium shears and adhered everything onto my canvas.


The first layer of texture I added was using the Nuvo Embellishment mousse over the Layered Hexagon and Seamless Circle stencils. This mousse is so creamy and luxurious to use and it dries super fast too! Simply spread the mousse onto the stencil using a palette knife and then peel off the stencil carefully to reveal beautiful designs.



I die cut a few Butterflies using the Layered Butterflies Cutting Die Set and then added these onto the canvas. I added a butterfly right onto my mousse, while it was still wet!


For the final layer of color + texture I used Nuvo Crystal drops Gloss in Ebony Black to freehand doodle onto the canvas. The Nuvo drops are very easy to use and you can draw simple or intricate patterns with these.


To finish off the canvas, I added a few more butterflies, some paper bits and some Nuvo crystal drops around the canvas. Once the Nuvo drops had dried, I added a large jewel and ribbon as a statement piece.


And here is what my finished canvas looks like. Not only did I thoroughly enjoyed the creating process, but this canvas makes me smile every time I look at it!


You can add as many layers as you want to your mixed media canvas to make it uniquely yours. It’s all about enjoying the art!

Happy Crafting!