Simple Spring Baby Card


Spring is finally here! I’m really excited about the card I’m showing you today. As soon as I saw these tiny hanger shaped paper clips, I knew I wanted to put a little onesie on them! I’ve had them stashed away for far too long, and now they’re finally put to use. This simple baby card has the warmth of spring while remaining gender neutral, however, you could easily change the colors.

Supply List:


I created my die cut onesie with my Silhouette Cameo, then glued the hanger clip to the onesie with Nuvo deluxe adhesive.


While that was drying, I stamped my sentiment on the inside of my blank card base. To use the stamp press, start by positioning your clear stamp on the card, then close the press to pick up the stamp.


Open back up, add some ink to your stamp and then close and press down on your stamp.


If you did not get enough ink, you can always stamp again if you don’t move your card.


After adding a sentiment, I prepped my other pieces. I trimmed down my background paper and ran my other layers through the Tangerine.


I adhered the two scalloped layers directly together, then backed them with a layer of white craft foam, cut slightly smaller than the middle layer.


Attach the onesie using a foam square to balance out the bulk of the hanger clip.


And of course, embellish with some Nuvo drops!



These will be such a handy addition to my card stash!



Easter Foil & Flowers


It’s time for the season of pastels and flowers and bunnies – oh my! This card is rich with colors and textures, but the steps are simple. Let’s get started!

Supply List:



Start by spreading your adhesive around the edge of the card, making sure there are no gaps. Let the adhesive sit until it goes from wet to tacky (but not too dry!) Sprinkle some foil flakes over the adhesive and begin to burnish them with a blending brush until smooth.


Choose a background die and run it through the Tangerine. Trim and adhere with tape runner.


Next, run the art deco frame die from the artist trading card set through the Tangerine in white and Honey Gold, then mix and match the pieces, adhering with a Nuvo glue pen.


Once you’ve placed the frame onto the card, arrange your die cut flowers around it. Use foam squares and a Nuvo glue pen to create different layers.


Now it’s time to embellish with stickers, glitter gloss and Nuvo drops!





I just can’t wait until there are real flowers blooming outside. Hope it won’t be long now!



Floral Coloring Card


Are you still on the coloring band wagon? I sure am! These cards are so easy to stamp and then you can take them anywhere with you to work on the coloring part. Today I am using colored pencils, but you could definitely swap them out for your favorite coloring medium.

Supply List:


To get started with your stamping, make sure that your stamp press is turned to the rubber side.


Position your stamp on the card, then close the press to pick up the stamp.


Open back up, add some ink to your stamp and then close and press down on your stamp.


Repeat this process as you reposition the stamp or other coordinating stamps around the card. If you did not get enough ink, you can always stamp again before moving your card.


Now you’re ready to color! This is the part that took me a while. I worked on this card a little bit over the course of a few days.


When my card was all colored in I wanted to add one last detail to make it really shine, so I mixed my own shimmer mist using Nuvo Embellishment Mousse.


Just grab a little bit with a pallet knife and add it to an empty Nuvo Light Mist bottle. Then add some water and shake well to mix. Remember that the bottle will require shaking each time you go to use it because the parts will separate over time.


Make sure to cover your work surface, or set your project inside a box when you spray. Do a few test sprays off to the side first to make sure there isn’t any splattering, then hold the bottle a good distance from your card to cover evenly with a mist.


It is hard to see the shimmer in these photos, but the result is just gorgeous in person. I hope you have fun coming up with color combinations for your own version of this card!



Butterfly Shadow Boxes


I like to think that my house is part home, part museum. I love to surround myself with interesting eye candy and artifacts. Shadow boxes are a great way to display little items safe from dust. Today I’m going to show you how to create your own menagerie with these detailed dies from Tonic!

Supply List:


I started by die cutting each butterfly in black. I then applied the main piece to a sheet of a double sided adhesive sheet. From here it was just like putting together a puzzle. I ran the die through the Tangerine with each color I planned to use, then assembled the pieces one by one, until I had a finished butterfly.



I added some white Nuvo drops in varying sizes along the edge of the wings and set it aside to dry.


I repeated the puzzle piece process for my second butterfly, but left several sections empty with the exposed adhesive.



For both butterflies, I traced the outline and cut pieces to go on the backs of the wings to cover the other side of the adhesive and hide any gaps.


Now to fill in those empty spots on butterfly #2. I used the craft spoon to carefully apply Nuvo black glitter to the empty spaces, trying not to get it stuck in the cracks of the other areas.




For the bodies of the butterflies, I cut some small sections of a black pipe cleaner and added a small piece of wire as antennae. I dipped the ends of the wire into black Nuvo drops to help define them a little more. Once they were dry, I glued them to the center of each butterfly and left them to dry.


Once everything was dry, I mounted them into the shadow boxes. I cut some woodgrain pattern scrapbook paper down to the dimensions of the two frames, then used super tape and foam squares to attach them.




The square shadow box is much deeper than the other, so I wanted to have the wings stick out more. I achieved this by stacking several foam squares together in a wedge formation.






Theres no end to the combinations you can create! There’s even a third, smaller die that comes with the Monarch that I did not use for this project. Thanks for stopping by!



Hot Air Balloon Escape


These long, cold months in the midwest have had me dreaming of blue skies and travel. This card is the perfect way to welcome spring, so get cozy in your studio and follow along!

Supply List:



I started by blending a blue background on the front of my card using this fun mint colored dye ink. Next, I blended some gray ink onto a scrap paper and ran it through my Tangerine to create these fluffy looking clouds.



For the balloons, I used a coordinating stamp and die set that I had with my stamp platform and Tangerine. After allowing the ink to dry a bit, I covered the entire balloon die cut with the glitter gloss pen to really make them pop.



To create some dimension, I attached the clouds directly to the card using the Nuvo glue pen, then used foam squares on the two main balloons.


I stamped a sentiment in the open area of the card and colored in the word “GO” using the Nuvo markers. I am very new to alcohol based markers, but I’m having a lot of fun learning to blend with these pens.


After finishing the sentiment, I added another small cloud and balloon running off the edge of the card.


You can almost smell the fresh air. Thanks for joining me!



Golden Anniversary


If you’re looking for glamour, you just can’t beat the style of the 1920’s. This Art Deco stamp set from Neat and Tangled makes it so easy to recreate that bold and beautiful look. I had so much fun with this set I decided to create two variations of this card.

Supply List:



I started with two plain card bases and created a border with foil washi tape in two different sizes in slightly different colors. For the main part of my card I used the large background stamp from the Art Deco set. The stamp platform is so helpful to have when working with large stamps like this one.


Always make sure that you are using the correct side of the platform for the type of stamp you are using.


Normally I place my stamps in the corners, safely away from each other, but the size of this stamp did not leave space for that. I placed my stamp down on the paper to get it lined up correctly before closing the lid to attach it.


Then, after inking up the stamp with Versamark, I closed the platform and pressed down evenly across the stamp area. I repeated this process to ensure good coverage.


This pattern deserves to be extra fancy, so I reached for my glitter Nuvo embossing powder.


I trimmed the black layer slightly smaller than the card to expose the gold foil border. For one card I attached the layer flat with tape runner, but for the other I used foam squares.


For both cards I created a center piece in white card stock where I stamped my sentiment. I created a template for cutting this by stamping some scrap paper.


On one card, I attached the sentiment flat and added some sequins over it.



For my other card, I attached the center piece with foam squares, then added sequins and Nuvo drops down the center of the card.



So I ended up with one card with a flat background and elevated center, and another with an elevated background and flat center.



I know which one is my favorite, but which style do you prefer?



Bold Birthday Background


It’s so easy to turn any solid color card stock into a bold background when you layer with this die from Neat and Tangled! It can turn a simple sentiment into a bold statement.

Supply List:

Start by creating your card base with your choice of color. Run your contrasting color of card stock through the Tangerine and attach with the Nuvo glue pen. For my sentiment I stamped the Hooray, also from Neat and Tangled. This stamp set does have a coordinating die, but if you don’t have it you can fussy cut with the ultra detail scissors. Attach some foam squares to make your sentiment stand out.


For extra embellishment I added some sequins with a little deluxe adhesive, followed by some Nuvo drops in various sizes.



Every card could use a little glitter, so I grabbed my glitter gloss pen to add some shimmer to the butterfly wings.




Inside the card I stamped the matching sentiment from the Hooray stamp set.



Hooray! I had so much fun using this background die. I can’t wait to make more!