Fun Fall Cardmaking


We can all agree that the last few months of the year are a whirlwind of activity. During these hectic days it can be hard to get any crafting projects done, so I’m here with some tips for streamlining your cardmaking process while giving yourself time to get creative.

Supplies Needed:

One huge time saver is to gather up all of your favorite themed elements, in this case fall, in a box or tray for easy access throughout a particular season. This can be very helpful! If you do a little prep work at the beginning of the season, it makes it so much easier to sit down when you have a spare moment and dive right in.

The easiest way for me to work is to pre-cut a bunch of basic elements, such as card bases, tags, banners, or background layers. This helps me get the most out of my papers, and I can mix and match as I go to create a batch of coordinating cards all at once. The scalloped rectangles from the layering basics set are one of my favorite things to pre cut.



For my first card I grabbed one of my pre cut rectangles and chose a leaf die that fit nicely in the center. Be sure to use a little tape to hold it in place before running it through your Tangerine machine.


With a few quick snips on the guillotine I sized down some plaid paper for my A2 sized card, and applied several foam squares to the back of my leaf layer to make it stand out.


Time to glue on a simple twine bow.



Then add some Nuvo drops and you’re done! What a quick and simple card!



The next card has a few more layers than the first. One cool feature of these leaf die sets is that you can make silhouettes or more complex layers all from the same set. I chose to do the wheat stalk in copper glitter and kraft papers.


Once you have the two layers you can glue them together with the glue pen. It makes it so easy to get into all the tiny detailed areas.


I found the perfect fall sentiment on a “cut apart” scrapbook paper page to serve as my central layer. I attached that to a plaid scalloped rectangle with some tape runner, then covered the back of the plaid side with foam squares. I am a bit of a foam square addict.



Attach the wheat with a glue pen, add another simple twine bow and you’re done!


On this last card I tried to break away from my usual symmetrical approach by angling the scalloped rectangle layer across the corner of the card. I decided on the placement, then flipped it over on my 6″ guillotine for a quick trim.



I added another plaid layer to carry the theme through my final card and placed the angled rectangle over it. (No foam squares this time!) Then I treated a small area with my powder tool to prep for stamping.


Using a Versamark pad I stamped “thankful” as a clear watermark, then covered it with Gold Enchantment embossing powder.



I reached for my pile of assorted pre-cut leaf shapes to find one that fit the space perfectly, then added a simple bow.


And of course, my finishing touch is two different colors of Nuvo drops to bring everything together.


I hope this gives you some ideas to fit in a few quick crafting sessions before Thanksgiving arrives! Happy Crafting!



Thanksgiving Crackers


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, are you planning your table decorations yet? Today I have a fun fall twist on the Christmas Cracker dies to add an extra special touch to your Thanksgiving place settings. These are so easy to customize to perfectly match your color scheme. Let’s get started!

Supply List:


You’ll want at least two colors of cardstock for each cracker, so start by choosing one color for the body and one color for the accent panels. Decide how many you will need to make and start running your plates through the tangerine. There are two dies that make up the main body, but you will need to run your accent panels through several times until you have enough pieces.


Your main pieces will come out scored for easy folding. It’s best to fold these parts before you start to assemble the pieces.



After folding all your lines, start to sort your accent panels. I’m using four different pieces for this project.


Once you have them sorted, you can begin gluing them in place.



After I had all my panels in place, I decided to add some Nuvo glitter drops for extra dimension and sparkle. Be sure to give your Nuvo drops plenty of time to dry before moving on to the next step!


You’ll notice that both body pieces have two tabs on the side for gluing. I decided to use 1/4″ double sided tape for these panels, but you could also use the glue pen. After gluing, use your twine to cinch the diamond sections of both of the main pieces.



I wanted to add another decorative finish to the outside by creating a little banner tag and Fall leaf. This is another great opportunity to customize. You could write each guests name on the tag and use the crackers as a unique place card. I chose to use my “thankful” stamp. First, I covered the vellum tag with my powder tool to prevent extra embossing powder from sticking.


Next I used my Versamark pad to stamp my clear watermark stamp on the tag, then covered with gold embossing powder.



I chose my favorite leaf from the Fallen Leaves die set. Cut one with veins and one without in contrasting colors, then glue together. Then use your tape of glue pen to attach to the cracker.



I made another variation with different colors to mix things up a little.


Don’t forget to fill with a fun treat! Use a tiny glue dot of double sided tape to lightly hold the two pieces together so your treats don’t escape before dinner!


Happy Crafting!



Halloween Card Trio


Halloween is quickly approaching, but there’s still time to send out some ghoulish greetings! Today’s post is packed with three different tutorials, so let’s dive in.

Card #1 – Spooky Cat



I started by stamping the cat with my Versamark pad and covering with Nuvo Glitter Noir embossing powder. Then I carefully cut it out with the Tim Holtz mini snips.


To create the layers, I trimmed the background with my 6″ Guillotine, cut the black layer with my Tangerine using a Lawn Fawn die, and created two medallions and a banner with my Silhouette Cameo. When I cut shapes like this with my Cameo, I like to do it in batches so that I can mix and match lots of cards all at once.


I assembled my layers with a combination of tape runner, a Nuvo glue pen, and foam squares for extra dimension.



Card #2 – Flying Bats


To start, I cut several circles out of black cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo. To apply the embellishment mousse, I used two different sponges to achieve mixed textures. I added little bits at a time, leaving some areas with little coverage to create a moon like appearance. I cut a background out of the same black cardstock using my Tangerine and one of the scalloped rectangles from the Layering Basics set. The glitter bats were cut on my Silhouette Cameo, while the stamped bat was cut with the Tim Holtz mini snips like you saw with the black cat earlier. I adhered the stamped bat with foam squares as well. To vary the dimension I used Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive to attach the glitter bats, only applying it to the center so that the wings could lift off of the page slightly.


The Nuvo Glitter Gloss pen is great for adding easy sparkle. I went over just the edges and center of the stamped bat to avoid making my ink bleed. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it was just the right amount of shimmer.


For some added “star” details, I chose White Blizzard Nuvo drops. You can see in my finished photo that these dry very different than expected. I tested several different drops on a scrap of paper before using them on the actual card. Because of the dark background, the glitter picks up a slightly green tint, which I really like.



Card #3 – Coffin Peek-a-Boo


I started by applying layers of the Embellishment Mousse to just the border of the card. I want my window to open onto the white cardstock so I needed to leave the center clean. The window portion of the card consists of several layers. I have the card base, the patterned paper with the hinged coffin, and the individual coffin to layer on top. I first ran the patterned paper through my Tangerine with another size of the scalloped rectangles from Layering Basics set. Then I sent that through the Silhouette Cameo to cut the coffin door with one perforated edge. I also cut the individual coffin on the Cameo from black cardstock, then covered it with the Versamark pad and Glitter Noir embossing powder.


I placed my sticker on the card before adhering the other layers with tape runner, using tiny pencil marks to get it in the center. I stamped and cut a skull, using the same process as the other cards. Then I added a few “coffin nails” with the Ebony Nuvo Crystal Drops.


A simple piece of jute twine tied to the edge creates a contrasting texture next to the smooth metallic border. The added weight of the embellished coffin door keeps it closed until you are ready for a peek inside at the cute foil skeleton waiting underneath.


And there you have three fun Halloween cards to give or display this year!


Happy Haunting!



Haunted House Decor


It’s that spooky time of year, and I’m working on getting my house in the mood with some creepy-cute decorations. Today I’m going to show you two different ways to transform some plain white houses into haunted works of art!

2017-09-26 20.03.23

Here’s what you’re going to need:



First I painted both of my houses with black acrylic paint and allowed them to dry thoroughly. Once dry I began working one section at a time, first coating with Nuvo adhesive then spreading the glitter. I avoided putting any adhesive on the window frames to give them a contrasting look. The Nuvo Craft Spoon was very helpful for getting glitter in the tight spaces. (Be sure to cover your surface before you begin to make for easy cleanup!) After I finished applying the glitter, I took my project outside and sprayed a light coat of polyurethane over the glitter. This is an optional step, but it does not dull the glitter and helps reduce flaking.


Next I began work on the roof by applying a light coat of Nuvo mousse using a blending sponge. In order to create an aged tin affect I did not apply the layer evenly, and tried to let the black paint show through in spots. I applied this technique to both houses.



For the final detail of this house, I wanted to create some aged looking boards to place over the windows. I cut down a few popsicle sticks in various sizes and applied an uneven coat of stain to each piece. I allowed these pieces to dry overnight before gluing to the house.


For the second house, I took a more simple approach. I had already applied the black paint and applied mousse to the roof while working on the first house, from there I just needed a couple more embellishments. For the windows, I painted all of the frames with the Nuvo glitter gloss Aqua Flow pen. As I worked my way around the house I accented a few spots with Nuvo drops by drawing a cracking pattern.


I like the subtlety of the black on black, and there is just enough contrast between the satin paint finish and the gloss of the Nuvo drops.



These houses look adorable all day long, but they are at their spookiest after dark when I switch on the tiny flickering lights inside.


Happy Haunting!