Snowy Scrapbooking



We haven’t had much snow in Illinois, but we certainly have had more than our share of record cold temperatures! There’s no better way to beat the winter blues than crafting in a nice warm studio. I would much rather document the snow than be out in it, but the subject of my latest project sure looks like he’s having a great time! I went through my stash of vintage photos and found this shot of a little boy all bundled up in the winter of 1948. He’s the perfect subject for a snowy spread.

Supplies Used:



Glimmer paste is a really easy way to add sparkle to any project, especially when paired with a stencil. I chose Beautiful Bokeh to create a background of falling snow for this layout. Make sure to secure your stencil with some washi or paint tape. Using a small pallet knife, spread the paste evenly, and make sure that all the areas are filled in. Scrape off any extra paste before carefully removing the stencil. If you are doing a large are that overlaps, be sure to let your first area dry before laying down your stencil again.



Now that I have my background done, it’s time to assemble all of the other embellishments.






IMG_9408Thanks for stopping by! Wherever you may be, here’s wishing you a warm and cozy studio too.



Gothic Valentines


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While I love the lacy, pink, glittery goodness of the season, I know it isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’m here today to show you how to make some creepy cute mini valentines to suite your gothic side. So turn on a Cure album and let’s dive in!

Supplies Needed:



I started by die cutting all of my various pieces – the main card, heart, and skeleton.



I couldn’t resist adding a little glitter. The aqua flow glitter gloss pen makes it easy to add a little sparkle, or a lot. I went over just the border for a fun contrast. I also went around the border of the heart, this time using some Embellishment Mousse.


The skeleton die creates extremely detailed little pieces. The glue pen is just perfect for getting all of the little areas to attach the rib cage, arms, and hand to the heart.


After attaching I trimmed off a few areas that went over the edge, but kept some. I wanted to retain the heart shape, while still breaking outside of it a little for added dimension.



You can use tape runner, or a glue pen to attach the heart to the main card. Then it’s time to embellish with some stickers.



The Spooktacular die creates a full skeleton each time, so use those other parts to mix and match for a whole set of different valentines. If you want to write a message on the back, don’t miss the opportunity to use some puns such as “No bones about it…” or “‘Til death do us part…”




Quick & Simple Thank You Notes


Hello again! Today I am here with an easy and practical craft project that is not only perfect for this time of year, but sure to be handy year round. I’m talking about thank you notes. Everyone appreciates a little note of gratitude, and during this time of year you want to make sure you’ve got a stash of notes ready to go. Of course, handmade stationery also makes a lovely gift, so why not stuff those stockings with a few custom thank you notes while you’re at it?

Supply List:


If you have not used a stamp platform before, you will soon see that it is a game changer! As someone with a background in screen printing, I was so excited to get my hands on this tool. I feel like I am back in the printing studio when I use it. Once you set up your image you can crank out as many cards as you want with precision and ease. If you only have time to make a few cards, you can leave it set up overnight and be ready to continue the next day. It couldn’t be easier!


I am using a clear stamp, so I made sure my top piece has the word clear facing up.


Use the magnets to secure your card and position your stamp with the help of the clear grid.


Treat your card surface with the powder tool if you will be doing heat embossing.


Apply your ink or in this case Versamark, and just keep stamping! You can do them all with one embossing powder, or mix and match. For an even quicker project skip the embossing and just use dye ink. You can leave your stamp in place to clean it and switch ink colors as many times as you want. As long as your note cards are the same size, you don’t have to readjust your stamp at all until your project is finished! (Can you tell how excited I am about this time saver?)


Bundling up a set with a simple piece of twine makes for an easy but elegant presentation.


That’s it! I promised you an easy project today. Happy Crafting!



Wonderful Holiday Cards


It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! Today I’m mixing colors and textures to create a fun and retro Christmas card. Let’s get started!

Supply List:


To start, I stamped this cute gingham stamp across my plain white card with a red dye ink. I stamped about 12 cards in total.


When those were all done, it was time to add the second layer, my Wonderful sentiment. For this layer I decided to do heat embossing with Nuvo Gold Enchantment embossing powder. I stamped this layer right on top of the gingham background with Versamark ink.


I poured my powder over the design, then set aside so that I could heat several cards in a row. As long as you get your embossing powder on right away, you can take your time before heating it.


Metallic powders are the most fun to watch as you heat them. The transformation is so bold.


For my tiny sentiments I pulled out my beloved typewriter. I typed the phrases over and over until the page was full. Then trimmed them down with my mini guillotine.




I can’t resist a scalloped edge, and this foil tape was just perfect with the red gingham.


I used tape runner to adhere the green paper trim, ribbon, and type written sentiments. My Tim Holtz mini snips were the perfect thing for trimming any extra bits for a clean edge.




Looking cute so far, but I wanted a few more finishing touches. I used Nuvo adhesive to attach a couple of snowflakes, then completed the look with some Nuvo Drops. Now I’m ready to spread Christmas cheer with a little snail mail!



Happy Crafting!



Woodland Christmas Gift Tags


I love wrapping gifts almost as much as I love giving them. There is no better way to take your gift from ordinary to extraordinary than a fabulous gift tag! Today I’m working with traditional colors and a woodland theme. Let’s get ready to gift!





I started by gathering up a bunch of tags in various styles that fit my color pallet. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stash of blank tags just waiting to be used. My first tag is very simple to make, but has gorgeous detail. I used the snowflake die from the Mr & Mrs Claus buildables set.


I glued them in place with a Nuvo pen and trimmed the edges with my mini snips. Of course I had to add Nuvo drops for a finishing touch!


For my next tag, I used the bird from the Festive Signpost set. This is the smallest die I have ever worked with. He doesn’t require much paper, so I used leftover snippets from my latest projects.



With the help of my Nuvo Glue Pen and some tweezers, this little bird came together. I used a pen to fill in the dot for his eye.


I decided to cover the rest of the tag in Nuvo Gilding Flakes, a technique I repeated on several other tags.







I love to use red and white bakers twine whenever possible. It compliments the tiny mushrooms perfectly! I tied a simple bow around the mushroom stems, then twisted and curled the ends of the wire. I attached a strip of green paper to the bottom of the tag so that the glittery legs of the deer would stand out better.


A few Nuvo drops to the back of the deer and now this doe has become a fawn!




Now that I have a whole batch of tags ready, I better get to shopping for some gifts to put them on! How about you? Have you checked off your Christmas list yet?



Holiday Shaker Card


Who can resist a fun interactive card? Today I’m sharing a mess free way to send someone a glittery greeting. Let’s get started!

Supply List:



Start by cutting down two pieces of cardstock. One for the outside layer to run through your Tangerine, and the other to stamp the image for inside of the snowglobe.


I traced the circle cut out lightly in pencil to make sure I placed my alpaca stamp correctly when lining it up on the stamp platform. I stamped with black ink and filled him in with colored pencils. (Check out my instagram page, @mycraftedstudio, for a time lapse video of the coloring process!)


The plastic dome comes with an adhesive backing, but you will need to apply glue to the top side to attach to the card.


I wanted this to look like a snowglobe, so I carefully measured the circle and through several attempts and tiny tweaks I was able to create a base with my Silhouette Cameo. Once perfected, I attached it to the card with my Nuvo glue pen.



Now it’s time to get glittery! I applied tape runner to the bottom of the alpaca paper to hold it in the correct place while adding the snowglobe filler.


I used two different sizes of snowflake confetti mixed in with the white glitter.


Place tape runner around the remaining edges, peel off the adhesive backing from the plastic bubble, then smooth your paper over everything to adhere. Now moving on to the outside of the card again. I cut a small strip of mint cardstock and treated it with my powder tool before using my Stamp Press.


I used Versamark ink to stamp Joy, then covered with Nuvo embossing powder.



Apply a couple strips of tape runner and adhere to the front of the card, leaving a little of the white background peeking through the bottom.


To get my Nuvo drops even, I measured and made tiny pencil marks.


It was easy to place the drops right over my pencil marks. Once those dry you’re ready to shake all day!



Happy Holidays!



Tiny House Ornaments

If you’re a fan of things tiny, cute, or glittery then this is the project for you! This delightful little village will be a great addition to your ornament collection and they also make a perfect gift! You can make them with or without the hanging loop, because these little guys look great on a table or a tree! Let’s get started.




I started by giving all my houses a coat of white paint, then went over just the walls of the house in pink or turquoise paint.


If you want to turn your houses into ornaments, this is the point when you want to add the screw eyes. It is very difficult to insert them once the houses are covered in glitter. I poked a pilot hole in the roof with a pin, then used pliers to grip the screw eye while inserting them.


Once all the houses were dry, I applied a coat of adhesive to the walls using my Nuvo glue pen. I just want a thin layer of glitter on the walls to allow the color to show through. The pen works great for applying a thin and even coat of adhesive.


This is where a glitter tray comes in really handy. You want to pour on more glitter than you need, working quickly to avoid the adhesive drying.



For the glitter on the roof top and chimney, I wanted a thick layer of glitter, so a thicker adhesive was needed. I used a stiff bristle brush to apply Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive to the rooftop.




I found it best to work in sections to get the best coverage, and sometimes had to go over areas with more adhesive. 



To create the look of snow drifts around the house I used a combination of white Nuvo Crystal Drops and glitter. I tried several different methods before finding this winning combination. The Nuvo drops were perfect because they retain their shape well as they dry, and the white color made for a great background under the glitter.


For my next technique I used Nuvo Gilding Flakes to cover an entire house. For this I went back to the glue pen once again to create an even thin coat of adhesive. As with the  other houses, I worked in sections.




The mini blending brushes are great for burnishing the flakes (plus they are super cute!)


I added a simple linen twine to hang them as soon as they were dry. I just love how they turned out. If only I could make my real house look like these!


Happy Crafting!