Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Banner – Heidi Blankenship


Time sure is flying by!  I can’t believe how fast this year is going so far.  St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner.  I always think it’s a lot of fun to create banners and home decor pieces for the holidays.  Today, I am sharing how to use regular/standard dies to create a fun St. Patrick’s day banner.

Supplies used:


This is a very easy banner to create and all of the die cutting is done in multiples of five.

  1. Use the cockle shell die template to cut five of the label shapes from white cardstock and also from the green glitter cardstock using two different sizes of die templates.
  2.  To create the flowers you will want to have a piece of crepe paper that is large enough to fold five times.
  3.  Using two different sizes of flowers from the bellus buttercup die and the folded crepe paper die cut the flowers.
  4.  Separate the paper flowers and then you will wanted to layer them on top of each other offsetting the petals.
  5.  Use the craft pick to poke a hole into the center of the flowers and then add a brad to hold and secure all of the flowers together.
  6.  To create some dimension for the flowers pull up each layer of petals one at a time to the center and crinkle them up.
  7.  Continue to crinkle all of the petals until all five flowers are done.
  8.  To add some color to the flowers you will want to use one of the mini blender brushes.
  9.  To add glitter to the flowers use the large glue pen and press down the glue pen on a craft sheet so some of the glue will come out.
  10. Then, dip the tips of the flower petals into the glue and add gold glitter.
  11. Next, you will use the scalloped oval die template to die cut five ovals with white cardstock.
  12. To create the gold glitter cardstock for the flourishes you will need a piece of white cardstock, the glimmer paste and a palette knife.
  13.  Using a palette knife spread the glimmer paste evenly on the white card stock and set aside to dry.
  14. Once the glimmer paste is dry use the flourish die cut from the jeweled crown die to cut five flourishes.
  15. Using the green glitter cardstock and dies from both of the letter set die cut the word Lucky.
  16.  Now for the fun part you get to assemble the banner.  Adhere the two label shapes using foam tape in between the layers.
  17. Use the craft tacky glue to adhere the flourishes to the top of the labels and also to add the letters to the center of the scalloped ovals.
  18. Adhere the scalloped ovals with more foam tape and use hot glue to adhere the flowers.
  19. Add all five of the label pieces to some green ribbon and then add white lace bows in between the labels.
  20. To finish off the banner add some glitter drops to all of the points on the larger white label as shown in the picture.


Here are a couple to tips for creating the banner.

Tip–The crepe paper is a little more delicate than cardstock.  The easiest way that I have found to ink up the flowers is to cup one in your hand and use the blending brush in your other hand moving in a circular motion to apply the ink.

Tip–Create a little puddle of the glue from the glue pen on a craft mat and drip the flower petals.  By doing this it will give your flowers a nice even coat of the glue and it’s a lot less messier than trying to hold the flowers and add glue with the glue pen.

Tip–Don’t forget if you don’t have the right color of glitter paper you can always make your own with the glimmer paste, pure sheen glitter and sparkle dust.


I hope you enjoyed today’s project and you are inspired to create some projects of your own for St. Patrick’s day!



Gilded Trinket Box – Heidi Blankenship



Do you love Pinterest?  I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  It is an endless supply of inspiration for colors, design, textures and all things creative.  Sometimes I pull inspiration from color or mood boards.  Other times it’s images of nature or art.  I have seen several mixed media or modern art canvases with a beautiful mixture of paint, texture paste, gilding, glitter and more.  The inspiration for my gilded trinket box came from those canvases.

Supplies used

>> Nuvo Embellishment Mousse – Aquamarine 807N
>> Nuvo Embellishment Mousse – Indian Gold 802N
>> Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter – Aqua 714N
>> Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter – Turquoise 712N
>> Nuvo Gilding Flakes – Radiant Gold 850N
>> Nuvo Glitter Drops – Blue Lagoon 753N
>> Craft Tacky Glue 120 ml. 419E

>> Martha Stewart Mother of Pearl Acrylic Paint
>> ButterBeeScraps – Metal Feet, Small Filigrees
>> B’Sue Boutiques – Large Metal Filigree
>> Ranger Multi Medium Matte (to glue metal)
>> Large Round Crystal Bead
>> Wood Box
>> Silicone Spatula
>> Paint Brush
>> Scoochy Sponge (rough or textured sponge)



This is a fantastic and inexpensive way to create a beautiful DIY home decor piece.  I purchased three nested raw wood boxes from one of the big box craft stores and I believe the set was less then $15.00, so that is a great deal.

  1.  To start you will paint the base and lid of the box with mother of pearl acrylic paint.
  2.  Then scoop out small amounts of both the aquamarine and gold embellishment mousse and add a little water to both to create a watercolor wash.
  3.  Use a paint brush to apply the watercolor wash starting with the aquamarine and then add just a little of the gold here and there.
  4. Squeeze some of the crafty tacky glue on to a craft mat and add some water to thin it out.
  5.  Use a silicone spatula to apply the watered down glue.
  6. When you apply the glue you want to start at the bottom of the box and pull the glue up towards the top.
  7.  Do not cover the entire box with the glue.  You only need to make 3-5 swipes up each side of the box, but do one side at a time as the glue can dry fast.
  8.  Apply glue to one side and then sprinkle some of the aqua glitter on top and continue to do this on all four sides.
  9.  Once the first layer of glitter and glue is dry repeat step 8 and then apply the turquoise glitter to all four sides and set aside to dry.
  10.  Repeat step 8 again and for this layer you will add the gilding flakes. *Note–don’t cough or sneeze the gilding flakes will fly all over.  Ask me how I know lol. 🙂
  11.  Set the box aside until all of the glue is dry.
  12.  Once the glue is dry you can use your fingers to rub and burnish the gilding flakes.
  13.  Then you will use a scoochy sponge (rough or textured sponge) to buff any remaining flakes off.
  14. I repeated the same steps of adding glue and gilding flakes to all of the metal pieces (feet, small and large metal filigrees) and once the glue was dry I burnished and buffed all of the pieces.
  15. I used multi media matte adhesive to glue all of the metal pieces and the large round glass crystal bead to the center of the large metal filigree on the lid.
  16. To finish of the box I added blue lagoon glitter drops around the large filigree and on top of the crystal bead on the lid.


Here is a close up of the gilded metal feet.


I added the small gilded metal filigrees to all four sides of the lid.


Here is a close up to see the top of the lid with the glitter drops.


A couple of helpful tips.

  • Tip–add water to the craft tacky glue so it is easier to apply.  You don’t want to use a thick heavy glue for this technique.
  • Tip–when applying the glue use a silicone spatula, old gift card, palette knife.
  • Tip–apply the glue randomly in an upward stroke and try to leave some of each layer showing.  Kind of like scraping the glue up the sides and leaving space in between.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project and maybe you will be inspired to take something as simple as a wooden box and create a beautiful home decor piece.



Springtime DIY Glitter Candles


Hello everyone!  Every year after the Christmas decorations are all down and packed away, the house always feels so bare and empty to me.  So, I like to start decorating for spring.  I know spring is a few months away, but the decorations just brighten up the house.  These DIY glitter candles are inexpensive and fun to create.



I purchased three of these battery candles at my local dollar store.

Use a paint brush to apply the craft tacky glue.  Add the first layer of glue to the inside and top portion of the candle.


Then add the Nuvo pure sheen diamond glitter.  Look at all the sparkle!

Wait for the glue to dry before adding another layer.


Repeat the same process of adding the glue and glitter.  For the second layer, use the Nuvo pure sheen candy pink glitter.  TIP *** You can see in the picture when I added each layer of glitter I added more than what is shown in the final pictures. Doing this allows the colors to overlap and give it a more ombre look.


Repeat the process two more times using the Nuvo pure sheen lilac and aqua glitters. The process is really quick and easy.  The hardest part is the wait time in between each layer.

Once the entire candle was covered, repeat the whole process over again to make sure there was a good coat of glitter.

Once the candles are dry use a dry paint brush to remove any excess glitter.


Use a silver metal filigree piece, acrylic bling buckle, and a lavender flat back pearl to make some pretty embellishments for the candles.


Here is a close up.  I used some silver metallic string to tie the embellishments on to the candles.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you are inspired to create some spring DIY projects for your home.  Happy crafting!




Let It Snow Mixed Media Canvas


Christmas may be over but I know here in Minnesota winter will be around for a few more months.  It looks so bare when all of the Christmas decorations come down and it is always fun to have a new home decor piece to brighten things up.  So this year I decided to do a fun Let it Snow mixed media canvas.

Here is a list of all the supplies I used to create the canvas.

1376E Rococo Joyful Snowman Die
1126E Stary Stary Night Simple Screen Die Set
1384E Rococo Mini Wreath Decorations Die
608E DuoCap Initials Pretoria A-N Die Set
609E DuoCap Initials Pretoria O-Z Die Set
1475E Beautiful Bokeh 6 x 6 Stencil
803N Embellishment Mousse Pure Platinum
806N Embellihsment Mousse Cornflower Blue
801N Embellishment Mousse Lilac Lavender
800N Embellishment Mouse Peony Pink
705N Pure Sheen Glitter Diamond
947N Crystal Glaze
948N Glitter Accents – Fresh Snowfall
678N Crystal Drops Violet Galaxy
659N Crystal Drops Navy Blue
650N Crystal Drops Gloss – Ebony Black
953N Glimmer Paste Moonstone
Brush Script Bright Florals 128 (lavender)
Brush Script Mandala Infusion 136 (orange)
Brush Script Pretty Pastels 132 (pink), 133 (blue)
Brush Script Essential Tones 125 (black), 126 (brown)
Tonic Adhesive
419E Craft Tacky Funky Glue 120ml
1558E Mini Blender Brush Set
372E Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick
816E Tim Holtz 5 inch Mini Snips
160E Tim Holtz 8.5 inch Trimmer
138E Tangerine Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

Other Supplies
7″ x 14″ Canvas
Paint Brushes Round 6, Round 24, 1in Flat
White Gesso
Ranger Multi Medium Matte
Palette Knife
Painters Tape
Heat Tool
Strathmore Mixed Media Paper
Bazzill Silver Mirror Paper
Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen
Westcott T-Ruler


To start I applied white gesso to the entire canvas.  The canvas is 7″ x 14″.


Next, I applied three colors of the Nuvo embellishment mousse to the canvas cornflower bluelilac lavender, and peony pink.  I used a #24 round brush and created some swirls to look like the wind is blowing.  To paint with the embellishment mousse just scrap a little out of the container and place on a craft mat and then add water.  letitsnowcanvaseheidiblankenship122016-4

After the swirls were dry then I used pure platinum embellishment mousse with some water added to it and a mini blender brush to pounce on top of the swirls.  This toned the color down just a bit and also gave it the appearance of snow falling.


Next, I taped the beautiful bokeh 6 x 6 stencil to the top of the canvas and then I applied glimmer paste moonstone using a palette knife.  Once the glitter paste in the center of the canvas was dry I added more to the outer edges of the canvas.  Be sure to clean your stencil and palette knife right away to remove the glimmer paste.  If you can’t get to it right away then I would suggest putting the stencil and palette knife in some water to soak until you can clean it.


Here is a close up of the glimmer paste once it is dry.


I die cut two decorative strips using some silver mirror paper and the stary stary night simple screen die set.  I used the Tim Holtz 5 inch mini snips to trim the ends of the paper and the Tim Holtz retractable craft pick to pop out all of the extra little pieces.  I set both of the decorative strips aside while I worked on some of the other pieces for the canvas.


For the snowman I used a piece of Strathmore mixed media paper and the Rococo joyful snowman die to cut the snowman shape.  I carefully removed the die leaving all of the pieces in place.  Then I used the new Nuvo brush script pens to watercolor the snowman.  The pens are dye base and they work great for doing watercolor.  I just scribbled the pens on an acrylic block and then used a paint brush and added the water.  I used a #6 round brush to watercolor the snowman.  I also added a little detail to the hat using a Uni-ball Signo white gel pen.  All of the colors I used are listed above in the supplies.


I wanted to have some snow hills so I just took a couple of pieces of the Strathmore mixed media paper and sketch a couple of hills.  Then I used the Tim Holtz 5 inch mini snips to trim out the pieces.


I used the pure platinum and cornflower blue embellishment mousse to add some color and shimmer to the snow hills.


Now it’s time to assemble everything.  First, I adhered the snow hills and the snowman and then I added the snowflake decorative strips using craft tacky funky glue.  Then, I added glitter accents – fresh snowfall to the snow hills.  Next, I added Nuvo crystal glaze in between all of the snowflakes and then I added Nuvo pure sheen glitter diamond on top of the crystal glaze.  Once everything was dry I used a dry paint brush to wipe off the excess glitter.


I used Nuvo crystal drops in navy blue and violet galaxy to add some color to the snowflakes.


I used the letters from both the DuoCap initials pretoria A-N die set and
DuoCap initials pretoria O-Z die set along with some silver mirror paper to die cut all of the letters for the sentiment.


I found using a t-ruler to be very helpful for lining up the letters on the canvas.  I used craft tacky funky glue to adhere all of the letters.


For the snowflakes I used white cardstock and the Rococo mini wreath decorations die.  I added a little dot of the Nuvo glitter accents – fresh snowfall to the center of each snowflake.


On the snowman I added some Nuvo crystal drops gloss – ebony black for the eyes and buttons. This will finish off the canvas.


Here is a close up of the snowflake strips.  I love all of the sparkle!


I love how the background turned out with all of the swirls and the canvas is so sparkly and shimmery.  The Nuvo script brush pens worked so wonderfully to watercolor the snowman and I can’t wait to use them on more projects.


Here is a close up of the snowman and the snow hills.  The glitter accents – fresh snowfall works perfectly to achieve the “snow” look.


I know this is a longer tutorial but I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to create your own mixed media canvas.

Happy crafting and wishing you all the best in 2017!  Happy New Year!!



New Year’s Eve Ensemble


Are you getting together with friends and family to celebrate the New Year?  If so I have a few projects to share with you that are quick and easy to create and will add a personal touch.

These are the supplies needed to create all of the projects.


I used the 1064E bottle wrap keepsake thin insert die set to cut three pieces of black cardstock for the bottle wrap.


Next, I added red line tape to the long tabs on the left side of the die cuts.  I like to use a really strong adhesive when I am creating three dimensional projects.  I also folded the pieces on all of the score lines.  The die creates all of the score lines so it’s a very easy die cut to work with.


Here is a look at all of the die cut pieces put together.  I just have to adhere the last tab and then the bottle wrap will take its shape.


I used the large scalloped rectangle and the decorative insert in the same die set to cut a decorative gold mirror piece for the outside of the box.


I used the large Nuvo glue pen to add adhesive to the back of the gold mirror decorative die and added that to the top of the deep rose large scalloped edge rectangle die.


Here is a look at the die cuts layered together and added to the bottle wrap.


I wanted the word celebrate to stand out a little more so I added Nuvo crystal glaze to all of the letters and then I added some Nuvo sparkle dust – snow glow


To create the tag for the wine bottle wrap I used the number dies from the Advent Treat Squeeze Box Die Set and the Star Layering Die Set.


I die cut a black star and a deep rose star and layered the two pieces using craft tacky glue. Then I added the gold mirror numbers to the layered stars.  I used the smaller gold mirror stars to decorate the sided of the wine bottle wrap.


Here is a look at the finished wine bottle wrap and the star tag.


Adding the sparkle dust really makes the word celebrate pop.


Here is a close up of the star 2017 tag.  I punched a small hole in the tag and used some ivory and gold edge ribbon to tie up the wine bottle wrap and add the tag.


Next, I embossed some napkins.  This is so fun, quick, and easy to do.  Just emboss the napkin like you would a piece of paper.  Solid colored napkins work the best for embossing.  I used the modern chevron 8 x 8 embossing folder to emboss all of the napkins.


Here is a close up to see the great embossing detail on the napkin.


For my third project I created a fun treat box using the pillow box & sentiments/tag die set. I die cut the box from black cardstock and using gold mirror cardstock for the sentiment.  This is another die that created all of the score lines for you.  To assemble the box I added red line tape to the sided and lined out the edges of the paper and score lines.  This box goes together very easily.


To finish off the pillow box I added dots of the Nuvo glitter drops – honey gold to the front of the box.  I punched a small hole in the word party.  Then, I added some ribbon and tied on the word party and added a box. These boxes would be great to add some candy or maybe some confetti.


The the last project I made some wine glass charms.  These really come in handy if you are having several guests so people don’t get their glasses mixed up.  I used the star layering die set to cut a few black stars.  Then, I used the Rococo mini wreath decoration die set to cut some of the smaller shaped with gold mirror cardstock.  I used the craft tacky glue to layered and adhere the die cut pieces.  I punched a small hole in the stars, added a gold jump ring and then tied a piece of metallic gold string onto each heart.  The charms can be tied on to the stem of the wine glasses.


The wine glass charms look great on the glasses.


I hope you enjoyed all of the New Year’s Eve projects.  They are quick and easy to make. You could use them for a celebration at your own house or they would be great for gift giving, especially the wine bottle wraps.

I hope you all have a very Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve!  Here’s to 2017!!

Happy crafting,

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Holly Wreath & Santa Christmas Card – Heidi Blankenship

Hello everyone!  Heidi, here today and I have a beautiful vintage style Christmas card to share with you.  This card is filled with layers, texture and lots of sparkle.



I used the 1383E Rococo Holly Bouquet Die to create the beautiful holly wreath, cutting two wreaths from green cardstock and then inking both of them with peeled paint and gathered twigs distress inks.

I used 419E Craft Tacky Glue 120ml to adhere the two die cuts.  I offset and layered the wreaths for a fuller looking wreath.

Next I used the NUVO 203N Glue Pen Medium and applied glue to both of the wreaths, adding NUVO 717N Pure Sheen Glitter – Green Meadow to the wreath.

To finish the wreath I added NUVO 752N Glitter Drops – Ruby Slippers to look like little holly berries.

While I was waiting for the crystal drops to dry on the wreath, I used the 1454E Circle Layering Basic Die Set to cut out a piece of Graphic 45 paper with an image of Santa Claus.

Once the crystal drops were dry, I adhered the circle die cut behind the wreath.


Since I knew the top half of my card was going to be ivory I wanted to add some something to fill in the space, but I didn’t want it to be too busy and take anything away from the wreath.  So I die cut another wreath and then I cut the wreath in to four pieces.  I applied NUVO  203N Glue Pen Medium to the backside of the die cut and set aside to dry.


I used my 160E Tim Holtz 8.5 inch Trimmer to cut a piece ivory cardstock to a 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 in. square.  Then I cut a piece of Graphic 45 St. Nicholas pattern paper to 5-1/4 x 3 in. and used the 422E Funky Tape Runner to adhere the two pieces together with the pattern paper on the bottom half.

Next I inked the edges with antique linen and vintage photo distress inks.  I placed a piece of blue painters tape on the top edge of the pattern paper.  I placed the four pieces from the holly wreath on top of the ivory cardstock.  If 203N Glue Pen Medium is applied to paper and left to dry it will be slightly tacky and hold the holly pieces in place, allowing the holly pieces will act as a mask.  I used a pallet knife to apply NUVO 953N Glimmer Paste – Moonstone on to the top half of the card.


I used a tweezers to lift and remove the holly piece.  Instead of tossing the holly pieces I set them aside to dry and I can use them on another project.  Carefully remove the painters tape.  I have found if you pull the tape back over on itself it is easier to remove and there is less of a chance to rip the paper.


Here is a close up of the glimmer paste.  Can you see the holly pattern?  This is a great way to use die cuts with glimmer paste and add some sparkle and texture to your projects.


Here is a close up of the wreath with the Santa image.  To finish off the card I added some vintage crochet trim, a seam binding bow, vintage gold thread and a couple of jingle bells.


I also added a sentiment from the same Graphic 45 paper collection to the bottom of the card and added a layer of red cardstock.  Then everything was adhered to a 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 in. square top folding red card base.

I hope you enjoyed today’s card share and tutorial.  Thanks so much for stopping by the Tonic blog today!

Happy Holidays!

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1383E Rococo Holly Bouquet Die
1454E Circle Layering Basic Die Set
717N Pure Sheen Glitter – Green Meadow
752N Glitter Drops – Ruby Slippers
953N Glimmer Paste – Moonstone
203N Glue Pen Medium
Tonic Adhesive
422E Funky Tape Runner
419E Craft Tacky Glue 120ml
160E Tim Holtz 8.5 inch Trimmer
138E Tangerine Die Cutting & Embossing Machine


Comforting Hugs – Heidi Blankenship


When I first saw the tangled posies strip die I thought it would be fun to add some stitching to the pinhole details.  Now I will admit this took a bit longer than I thought it would but I think the results are worth the extra effort.


To start I used the tangled posies strip die along with kraft cardstock to die cut the decorative strip.

Next, I used white thread and a needle to hand stitch all of the detail.  It was really easy to sew and I am not a sewer.  I just followed the pattern on the die cut.


Here is a close up of the die cut and the detailed stitching.


Next, I added a little more detail to the pattern paper.  I used the handwritten floral greetings stamp set and versamark ink to stamp the images in the upper and lower corners of the paper.  I used Nuvo embossing powder – glacier white along with a heat tool to melt and heat set the powder.


Here is a close up of the stamping detail at the bottom of the card.


I used the Tim Holtz 8″ guillotine/trimmer for all of the paper cutting and I used the tangerine machine for all of the die cutting.  To assemble the card I used craft tacky glue and added the layers of pattern paper to the 5 x 5 white top folding card base.

Then I added foam squares to the back of the decorative strip die cut and placed that on the card front.  To finish off the card I added Nuvo crystal drops – ivory shell to the flower centers on the die cut.  I also added Nuvo glitter drops – golden sunset to the flowers centers on the stamped images and a few sequins.

This card came together pretty quickly.  For a quicker version, you can use a white gel pen or fine tip black marker to create faux sewing.  The possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting!

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Tonic Supplies
1224E Tangled Posies Strip Die Set
Nuvo 602N Embossing Powder – Glacier White
Nuvo 757N Glitter Drops – Golden Sunset
Nuvo 675N Crystal Drops – Ivory Shell
419E Craft Tacky Glue 120ml
160E Tim Holtz 8″ Guillotine/Trimmer
174E Tangerine Machine and Bag Set

Other Supplies
Simon Says Stamp Handwritten Floral Greetings Stamp Set
My Mind’s Eye Fancy That 6 x 6 Paper Pad
Cardstock – White, Kraft
Cartwright Sequins and Beads 6mm Mocha Satin, 5mm Chantilly Creme
VersaMark Ink
Foam Squares
White Thread
Heat Tool