Floral Coloring Card


Are you still on the coloring band wagon? I sure am! These cards are so easy to stamp and then you can take them anywhere with you to work on the coloring part. Today I am using colored pencils, but you could definitely swap them out for your favorite coloring medium.

Supply List:


To get started with your stamping, make sure that your stamp press is turned to the rubber side.


Position your stamp on the card, then close the press to pick up the stamp.


Open back up, add some ink to your stamp and then close and press down on your stamp.


Repeat this process as you reposition the stamp or other coordinating stamps around the card. If you did not get enough ink, you can always stamp again before moving your card.


Now you’re ready to color! This is the part that took me a while. I worked on this card a little bit over the course of a few days.


When my card was all colored in I wanted to add one last detail to make it really shine, so I mixed my own shimmer mist using Nuvo Embellishment Mousse.


Just grab a little bit with a pallet knife and add it to an empty Nuvo Light Mist bottle. Then add some water and shake well to mix. Remember that the bottle will require shaking each time you go to use it because the parts will separate over time.


Make sure to cover your work surface, or set your project inside a box when you spray. Do a few test sprays off to the side first to make sure there isn’t any splattering, then hold the bottle a good distance from your card to cover evenly with a mist.


It is hard to see the shimmer in these photos, but the result is just gorgeous in person. I hope you have fun coming up with color combinations for your own version of this card!



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