Butterfly Shadow Boxes


I like to think that my house is part home, part museum. I love to surround myself with interesting eye candy and artifacts. Shadow boxes are a great way to display little items safe from dust. Today I’m going to show you how to create your own menagerie with these detailed dies from Tonic!

Supply List:


I started by die cutting each butterfly in black. I then applied the main piece to a sheet of a double sided adhesive sheet. From here it was just like putting together a puzzle. I ran the die through the Tangerine with each color I planned to use, then assembled the pieces one by one, until I had a finished butterfly.



I added some white Nuvo drops in varying sizes along the edge of the wings and set it aside to dry.


I repeated the puzzle piece process for my second butterfly, but left several sections empty with the exposed adhesive.



For both butterflies, I traced the outline and cut pieces to go on the backs of the wings to cover the other side of the adhesive and hide any gaps.


Now to fill in those empty spots on butterfly #2. I used the craft spoon to carefully apply Nuvo black glitter to the empty spaces, trying not to get it stuck in the cracks of the other areas.




For the bodies of the butterflies, I cut some small sections of a black pipe cleaner and added a small piece of wire as antennae. I dipped the ends of the wire into black Nuvo drops to help define them a little more. Once they were dry, I glued them to the center of each butterfly and left them to dry.


Once everything was dry, I mounted them into the shadow boxes. I cut some woodgrain pattern scrapbook paper down to the dimensions of the two frames, then used super tape and foam squares to attach them.




The square shadow box is much deeper than the other, so I wanted to have the wings stick out more. I achieved this by stacking several foam squares together in a wedge formation.






Theres no end to the combinations you can create! There’s even a third, smaller die that comes with the Monarch that I did not use for this project. Thanks for stopping by!



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