Mwha ahh ahh ahh!!!!!! Monster Treat Boxes

I don’t know what it is, but I love Halloween.  My kids love Halloween.  We always have.  Jacob is probably more into it than Owen, but he’s a crafter too, so that might be part of it.  We just have always enjoyed making costumes, creating and hanging decorations, and just getting our spooky on during this time of the year.

One project that I love to do each year is to create fun little ways to give candy to the kids.  So, if you are looking for a cute, fun, and easy project – that you can mass produce for trick or treaters, school events, or as party gifts at home – these little monster treat boxes are for you!


To start, you are going to want to get your eyeballs made.

This is a simple process, but leaving them to dry overnight will ensure that you can glue them on the next day.

I created large, oval eyes so that monsters were cyclops.  Be creative and have fun with it!

To create the eyes, put your craft mat on top of your glass mat sticky side down.  This will ensure a level surface for them to dry on.

I start by making a base with the white Nuvo drops.  On top of that I carefully layered on the green jewel drops that are translucent so you get a cool effect.  Finally I layered on a drop of black for the pupil.  Just let them sit overnight to dry.

Next it is time to create the boxes.

First, cut out the box base.

****  Next time I do this, I will add the mouth here.  It will much easier to add that on flat paper than once the box is up!!  Just be sure that you put it on the correct panel.****

Next, grab your tape runner and begin assembling your boxes.

Once the boxes are assemble, you can add the pom poms.  Make sure that the glue is in spots that will allow you to still open the box!

Sketch on your mouth with a pencil if you want to try it out first – then use the black marker to fill it in.

Grab your eye ball and apply a little bit of adhesive to the back.  Glue it box.

Then use your marker to add some eyelashes if you want.

Put everything to the side, allowing it all to dry completely.

All that is left now is to add the candy and share with your friends!

Happy Halloween!


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