No Carve Pumpkin Decorating with Nuvo Drops

Hello friends! I am a big No Carve pumpkin gal- but I love to decorate them to be all colorful and fancy. Today I used my Nuvo Drops to quickly decorate these pumpkins and I love how they turned out!

img_5514Supplies used:


I started by painting my pumpkins all over with an acrylic paint. I chose pretty pastel colors today and then added two to three coats of paint. Once dried, I added concentric rows of color all around using the Nuvo drops!


The Nuvo drops add so much dimension and they come in so many pretty colors that it was tough for me to choose just two for this pumpkin.

This blue pumpkin turned out to be my favorite! Something about those colors!

This is the easiest way to decorate pumpkins, but my biggest tip to you is to keep your nuvo drops the same size by applying even pressure to the bottle while you squeeze. 

And thats it! The pumpkins are decorated and done! How easy was that? I really want to make another one that is rainbow colored now!

Happy Crafting!


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