Haunted House Decor


It’s that spooky time of year, and I’m working on getting my house in the mood with some creepy-cute decorations. Today I’m going to show you two different ways to transform some plain white houses into haunted works of art!

2017-09-26 20.03.23

Here’s what you’re going to need:



First I painted both of my houses with black acrylic paint and allowed them to dry thoroughly. Once dry I began working one section at a time, first coating with Nuvo adhesive then spreading the glitter. I avoided putting any adhesive on the window frames to give them a contrasting look. The Nuvo Craft Spoon was very helpful for getting glitter in the tight spaces. (Be sure to cover your surface before you begin to make for easy cleanup!) After I finished applying the glitter, I took my project outside and sprayed a light coat of polyurethane over the glitter. This is an optional step, but it does not dull the glitter and helps reduce flaking.


Next I began work on the roof by applying a light coat of Nuvo mousse using a blending sponge. In order to create an aged tin affect I did not apply the layer evenly, and tried to let the black paint show through in spots. I applied this technique to both houses.



For the final detail of this house, I wanted to create some aged looking boards to place over the windows. I cut down a few popsicle sticks in various sizes and applied an uneven coat of stain to each piece. I allowed these pieces to dry overnight before gluing to the house.


For the second house, I took a more simple approach. I had already applied the black paint and applied mousse to the roof while working on the first house, from there I just needed a couple more embellishments. For the windows, I painted all of the frames with the Nuvo glitter gloss Aqua Flow pen. As I worked my way around the house I accented a few spots with Nuvo drops by drawing a cracking pattern.


I like the subtlety of the black on black, and there is just enough contrast between the satin paint finish and the gloss of the Nuvo drops.



These houses look adorable all day long, but they are at their spookiest after dark when I switch on the tiny flickering lights inside.


Happy Haunting!



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