Springtime DIY Glitter Candles


Hello everyone!  Every year after the Christmas decorations are all down and packed away, the house always feels so bare and empty to me.  So, I like to start decorating for spring.  I know spring is a few months away, but the decorations just brighten up the house.  These DIY glitter candles are inexpensive and fun to create.



I purchased three of these battery candles at my local dollar store.

Use a paint brush to apply the craft tacky glue.  Add the first layer of glue to the inside and top portion of the candle.


Then add the Nuvo pure sheen diamond glitter.  Look at all the sparkle!

Wait for the glue to dry before adding another layer.


Repeat the same process of adding the glue and glitter.  For the second layer, use the Nuvo pure sheen candy pink glitter.  TIP *** You can see in the picture when I added each layer of glitter I added more than what is shown in the final pictures. Doing this allows the colors to overlap and give it a more ombre look.


Repeat the process two more times using the Nuvo pure sheen lilac and aqua glitters. The process is really quick and easy.  The hardest part is the wait time in between each layer.

Once the entire candle was covered, repeat the whole process over again to make sure there was a good coat of glitter.

Once the candles are dry use a dry paint brush to remove any excess glitter.


Use a silver metal filigree piece, acrylic bling buckle, and a lavender flat back pearl to make some pretty embellishments for the candles.


Here is a close up.  I used some silver metallic string to tie the embellishments on to the candles.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you are inspired to create some spring DIY projects for your home.  Happy crafting!




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