Paper 3D triangle mobile

Create a beautiful little Paper 3 D triangle mobile of your own in a color scheme of your choice. This would be perfect to decorate a corner of a nursery, kids room or even just somewhere that needs a touch of color. I’ll show you how I made mine in the tutorial below, in a few easy steps.


Supplies used:

I used the Advent Treat Squeeze Box Die set and die cut a bunch of triangles from pretty patterned papers. I chose soft pretty spring colors here. I love this die set and have used it before to make 3D paper Diamond shapes too!


Fold along the score lines to form the 3D paper triangles. This is super easy as the die marks all of the fold lines for you. I could just sit and make these triangles all day long and be happy!3d_paper_triangles

Before adhering the bottom of the triangle shut, using a needle and thread, thread through a jewel up along each triangle.


You can see what I mean better here in the photo below. Tie each threaded jeweled triangle onto a hoop. I varied the length of the twine for each color here and staggered the triangles. I also added multiple triangles to the longer twine threads and love how the three triangles look together!


Once you have figured out how you would like to arrange the triangles to make your paper mobile just hang it up in a sunny corner of your room and enjoy! The concept of this paper mobile is easily scaleable and you can make this into a large 3D paper statement display too.

I chose a soft springy rainbow theme for my paper mobile and it now hangs in a corner of the room where it catches the sunlight and twinkles all afternoon. I love how this project turned out and I also love how simple it was to make.

Thanks for spending some crafty time with me today friends!



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