Let It Snow Mixed Media Canvas


Christmas may be over but I know here in Minnesota winter will be around for a few more months.  It looks so bare when all of the Christmas decorations come down and it is always fun to have a new home decor piece to brighten things up.  So this year I decided to do a fun Let it Snow mixed media canvas.

Here is a list of all the supplies I used to create the canvas.

1376E Rococo Joyful Snowman Die
1126E Stary Stary Night Simple Screen Die Set
1384E Rococo Mini Wreath Decorations Die
608E DuoCap Initials Pretoria A-N Die Set
609E DuoCap Initials Pretoria O-Z Die Set
1475E Beautiful Bokeh 6 x 6 Stencil
803N Embellishment Mousse Pure Platinum
806N Embellihsment Mousse Cornflower Blue
801N Embellishment Mousse Lilac Lavender
800N Embellishment Mouse Peony Pink
705N Pure Sheen Glitter Diamond
947N Crystal Glaze
948N Glitter Accents – Fresh Snowfall
678N Crystal Drops Violet Galaxy
659N Crystal Drops Navy Blue
650N Crystal Drops Gloss – Ebony Black
953N Glimmer Paste Moonstone
Brush Script Bright Florals 128 (lavender)
Brush Script Mandala Infusion 136 (orange)
Brush Script Pretty Pastels 132 (pink), 133 (blue)
Brush Script Essential Tones 125 (black), 126 (brown)
Tonic Adhesive
419E Craft Tacky Funky Glue 120ml
1558E Mini Blender Brush Set
372E Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick
816E Tim Holtz 5 inch Mini Snips
160E Tim Holtz 8.5 inch Trimmer
138E Tangerine Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

Other Supplies
7″ x 14″ Canvas
Paint Brushes Round 6, Round 24, 1in Flat
White Gesso
Ranger Multi Medium Matte
Palette Knife
Painters Tape
Heat Tool
Strathmore Mixed Media Paper
Bazzill Silver Mirror Paper
Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen
Westcott T-Ruler


To start I applied white gesso to the entire canvas.  The canvas is 7″ x 14″.


Next, I applied three colors of the Nuvo embellishment mousse to the canvas cornflower bluelilac lavender, and peony pink.  I used a #24 round brush and created some swirls to look like the wind is blowing.  To paint with the embellishment mousse just scrap a little out of the container and place on a craft mat and then add water.  letitsnowcanvaseheidiblankenship122016-4

After the swirls were dry then I used pure platinum embellishment mousse with some water added to it and a mini blender brush to pounce on top of the swirls.  This toned the color down just a bit and also gave it the appearance of snow falling.


Next, I taped the beautiful bokeh 6 x 6 stencil to the top of the canvas and then I applied glimmer paste moonstone using a palette knife.  Once the glitter paste in the center of the canvas was dry I added more to the outer edges of the canvas.  Be sure to clean your stencil and palette knife right away to remove the glimmer paste.  If you can’t get to it right away then I would suggest putting the stencil and palette knife in some water to soak until you can clean it.


Here is a close up of the glimmer paste once it is dry.


I die cut two decorative strips using some silver mirror paper and the stary stary night simple screen die set.  I used the Tim Holtz 5 inch mini snips to trim the ends of the paper and the Tim Holtz retractable craft pick to pop out all of the extra little pieces.  I set both of the decorative strips aside while I worked on some of the other pieces for the canvas.


For the snowman I used a piece of Strathmore mixed media paper and the Rococo joyful snowman die to cut the snowman shape.  I carefully removed the die leaving all of the pieces in place.  Then I used the new Nuvo brush script pens to watercolor the snowman.  The pens are dye base and they work great for doing watercolor.  I just scribbled the pens on an acrylic block and then used a paint brush and added the water.  I used a #6 round brush to watercolor the snowman.  I also added a little detail to the hat using a Uni-ball Signo white gel pen.  All of the colors I used are listed above in the supplies.


I wanted to have some snow hills so I just took a couple of pieces of the Strathmore mixed media paper and sketch a couple of hills.  Then I used the Tim Holtz 5 inch mini snips to trim out the pieces.


I used the pure platinum and cornflower blue embellishment mousse to add some color and shimmer to the snow hills.


Now it’s time to assemble everything.  First, I adhered the snow hills and the snowman and then I added the snowflake decorative strips using craft tacky funky glue.  Then, I added glitter accents – fresh snowfall to the snow hills.  Next, I added Nuvo crystal glaze in between all of the snowflakes and then I added Nuvo pure sheen glitter diamond on top of the crystal glaze.  Once everything was dry I used a dry paint brush to wipe off the excess glitter.


I used Nuvo crystal drops in navy blue and violet galaxy to add some color to the snowflakes.


I used the letters from both the DuoCap initials pretoria A-N die set and
DuoCap initials pretoria O-Z die set along with some silver mirror paper to die cut all of the letters for the sentiment.


I found using a t-ruler to be very helpful for lining up the letters on the canvas.  I used craft tacky funky glue to adhere all of the letters.


For the snowflakes I used white cardstock and the Rococo mini wreath decorations die.  I added a little dot of the Nuvo glitter accents – fresh snowfall to the center of each snowflake.


On the snowman I added some Nuvo crystal drops gloss – ebony black for the eyes and buttons. This will finish off the canvas.


Here is a close up of the snowflake strips.  I love all of the sparkle!


I love how the background turned out with all of the swirls and the canvas is so sparkly and shimmery.  The Nuvo script brush pens worked so wonderfully to watercolor the snowman and I can’t wait to use them on more projects.


Here is a close up of the snowman and the snow hills.  The glitter accents – fresh snowfall works perfectly to achieve the “snow” look.


I know this is a longer tutorial but I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to create your own mixed media canvas.

Happy crafting and wishing you all the best in 2017!  Happy New Year!!



2 thoughts on “Let It Snow Mixed Media Canvas

  1. Love it! The alphabet is gorgeous. But the background has the mojo going. I’m seeing a Van Gogh Starry Night “lift” and a Tardis instead of a snowman. Maybe throw in a weeping angel. Oh yeah I am going to have fun. thank you for the fantastic inspiration.


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