Paper Holiday Wreath

While decorating my home for the holidays a wreath is a always a must. This year I decided to create one of my own- and it was so much fun to select the exact colors I wanted to use and the style I wanted! With the Build a Wreath set of dies, making a paper wreath for your home will be a breeze!


Supplies you will need:

To begin your wreath, you need to cover the cardboard base first. I chose to wind a cream colored yarn around it, because I have a ton of yarn at home. Another option would be to paint the cardboard wreath or add ink to distress it.


Using the Tangerine machine, die cut several of the Pine leaves, Holly leaves, mistletoe and berry leaves. I chose a different shade of green cardstock for each leaf and then die cut a bunch of each leaf. Since you can easily die cut a large number of leaves, you can make your wreath as luxurious as you wish.


Once you have die cut all of your leaves, start arranging the leaves around the wreath. You can either create a symmetrical pattern or scatter the leaves all around the wreath in different areas. I like to place my leaves on the wreath base first without glueing them down. I then move things around till it looks pleasing to the eye.


Once you have an arrangement plan in mind, go ahead and start adhering the leaves down. The more you layer these die cut leaves on top of each other, the fuller and richer your wreath will appear.


Once you are done adhering down all the die cut elements, add a ribbon to the top to hang your wreath. Optionally, add a big bow from the same ribbon and a few tiny ornaments too.



I absolutely love how this wreath turned out! You can cover the entire wreath with die cut leaves and completely omit the yarn step. But I like the asymmetrical look and wanted a lot of white space in my wreath and so I chose the yarn.


I hope this tutorial gives a few ideas to make something of your own. If you create a wreath like this, do share your project with us, by leaving a picture in the comment box below. Happy Crating!



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