Watercolor Hanukkah Card

Hanukkah is just around the corner and there is something so beautiful in the color combos of blue and silver that just speaks to me.  Knowing that people will be gather for 8 nights, lighting candles, eating, and sharing time together means that holiday travel between homes will be happening and it is the perfect opportunity to create a little card for the host or hostess of one of these evenings.  This card is simple, yet an elegant one for sharing.


Here’s what you will need:

Putting this together goes pretty quick.

Put a little dollop of each of the mousse colors onto the glass mat to use it as a mixing palette.


Take the water and dilute down the mousse to create a “watercolor” paint with it.  The mousse is a water-based product and works well for this.  The colors blend well together and do create a lovely shimmery result when you put it on the paper.


Allow that to dry.


Then, resting your hand on the scratch paper so that you don’t smudge the paint, carefully draw out your letters.  (If you aren’t comfortable with hand-lettering, you can print it out on the computer ahead of time and paint over the letters)


Using your glue pen, trace your letters and then add your gilding flakes.  Now, I used the medium pen which might have been too big for the ‘happy” portion – but I still like it. Allow the glue to dry.


Using a dry brush, dust off the excess flakes, saving them for later use.


Outline the letters how you like to with the black pen if you want.

Add a piece of ribbon to create a bow on the painted piece, adhering it with the tape runner.  Then, adhere the square to the front of the card base.


Using the crystal drops, add some final dimension to the project.  Allow them to dry.



All that is left is to visit friends and family, bringing a card, some challah, and light the candles!

Happy Hanukkah!








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