Holiday Card using Rococo Holiday Wreath Die

When giving cards to my near and dear I always prefer to give handmade cards when I can. It adds such a nice personal touch to your gifts. And the holiday season is one of the times I LOVE to give cards to everyone- friends, family, teachers and even the mail person. These cards I am creating today are easy to produce in bulk and so much fun to create!


Supplies you will need:


Using the Tangerine machine, die cut several Holly wreaths from different colored cardstocks- greens, reds and gold. Keep all the tiny die cut pieces of paper for each color.


Adhere a green die cut Holly Wreath onto the center of your card. Then pop out a few of the smaller die cut pieces of the wreath in red and gold and adhere them onto the green wreaths. You can add as many or as few of the other colors as you wish. I kept one of the wreaths plain green itself, it is so intricate and beautiful still!


Add a sentiment to the wreath center. Either adhere alphabet stickers like I did here or stamp an appropriate card sentiment in place.


Using the Nuvo jewel drops add highlights to the wreath. The jewel drops dry translucent and add a nice hint of shine.


If you want a more glittery look, add tiny dots of the Nuvo Glitter Accents all around the wreath. These dry and get firmly fixed to the paper. The Snowfall color looks like glittery snow literally.


Make as many cards as you want in this fashion. You can mix and match the colors of cardstock you use to create a unique look to each card. Or you can simply use a single color wreath and mass produce your handmade holiday cards for the season in a few simple steps.


If you create something like this, do share your project with us, by leaving a picture in the comment box below. Happy Crating and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!




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