DIY Paper Holiday Trees

I love bringing the outdoors inside and creating something whimsical that makes my whole family smile. These Paper Holiday Trees make us smile alright! And you can make these beautiful DIY Paper Holiday Trees in just a few minutes and decorate your home during the holiday season. Just follow the tutorial below that explains everything!


Supplies you will need to make these:


First we need to die cut the scalloped circles. I used all 5 shades of the green cardstock that come in the Essential Card Park. The Threaded Scallop Circle die set comes with 7 dies, I ended up using the center 5 scalloped circles dies, leaving the smallest and largest unused.

Die cut one circle from each shade of green cardstock. I like to arrange all five shades of the green onto the die cutting plate of the Tangerine, all at once.


Place the top plate on top and run through the Tangering die cut machine.

Next cut each scalloped center into half using the Tim Holtz snips, to form two semi circles each. Each semi circle will be used to make one tree. So from one set of 5 scalloped circles we can make 2 paper trees.


Now bring the two two corners of each semi circle together, overlap them slightly and adhere to form a cone.


Place the cones on top of each other, in perfect ombre’ order to make your own DIY Paper Holiday Tree!


You can take this project one step further and add tiny embellishments onto each tree and decorate them. Of you can make the top most paper cone white in color to create a snowy effect.

These DIY Paper Holiday trees need not just be green in color. Make them in rainbow order to bring a pop of color to your holiday mantle. Or make the entire tree in one solid color too!

Here is how my finished mantle looks. I sprinkled some shiny snow and scattered a few small ornaments to make it look more festive!



I hope this inspires to you carve a little crafting time of your own and that you get to create something special this holiday season. If you create something like this, do share your project with us, by leaving a picture in the comment box below. Happy Crating!




5 thoughts on “DIY Paper Holiday Trees

  1. That is so totally cool!!!! I will try and make them…don’t have any excuse not to. Have all the “ingredients”…time to start snipping away😉!!!!


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