Gingerbread House Ornament

Hello!  Today I want to share with you how to create some super cute  ornaments using the Gingerbread House dies set.  This die set contains 18 dies to use in creating your Gingerbread House Ornament.  Check it out!


Supplies Used:


To start, I chose the dies I wanted to use for my ornaments.  You will need to die cut two of everything except the chimney piece and the roof eave.



Here are my pieces……two doors, two windows, two solid red roof pieces, two white decorative roof pieces plus two pieces of each base construction pieces.  Do you see the chimney and roof eave?  Only need one of each of those.


Before assembling my house, I want to cut out the windows on all four sides.  So using my Tim Holtz Retractable Craft pick and a small piercing pad, I poked holes in the same spot the die cut holes.


Then using my Tim Holtz 5 inch Snips, I cut on the outsides of the holes to create openings for my windows.  Make sure to do this for both of the “doors”!

gbh-ornament-4  gbh-ornament-5

Now to cut the opening for the windows, make sure you have the decorative die in the right place.  Make sure that your house walls are going the right way, too.  You want the tab at the top of your ornament!


Punch the holes inside the open window and cut it out, just like you did for the doors.


Now you need to apply adhesive tape onto the flaps as shown in this picture below.  Prefold the score lines too.


Now adhere the house together as shown.  Be sure to match up the score lines because the top with the flaps creates the roof and the bottom portion creates the bottom of the box!


Before you assemble, adhere the detailed die cuts into place as shown.


Now start assembling your house.  Take the liner off the adhesive tape and adhere the top flaps into place to create the roof.


Fold the two small flaps on the bottom in (just like if you were assembling a box) and fold in one of the flaps like I have it below.  Now use your snips to cut off this extra flap!


Now you can adhere the roof pieces into place and if you want you can add the chimney.  Here is one of the houses I created hanging from my tree.  I placed a battery operated votive inside.


For the house below, I cut a small hole in the bottom of my house and put one of the lights from my tree inside.  This worked really well to keep the house in place on my tree and you don’t need the little flaps on top of the roof, if you don’t want them.


Creating these ornaments are really fun!  There are so many variations you can come up with!  I am making a few more of these to give to the ladies in my book club for a Christmas present.  I think they will love it!







4 thoughts on “Gingerbread House Ornament

  1. what a great idea for marking the spots for the windows to cut out. Thanks for that tip. I just love this die and plan on making it into an Easter house.


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