My Favorite Things – Terri


It’s nearly impossible to pick just 5 of my favorite things from Tonic but… here you go!

Filligree Flourish die set

Funky Glue

Tonic 5-inch Titanium Snips (Scissors)

Chalkboard Die & Stamp Set- Birthday Wishes

Art Nouveau Die Set

I love my Tonic Titanium Snips and use them for everything, but especially for chipboard. Nothing cuts through the thickness with so little effort and the cut edge is so smooth. They get a real workout for sure but since they are my number one ‘go to’ tool I often find they are covered in adhesive, glitter, etc. To keep them clean I use the little individually-wrapped alcohol wipes that you can get in the drugstore. They come about 100 to a box and work great to remove all adhesive residue. It keeps both the blades and the handles looking like new!




17 thoughts on “My Favorite Things – Terri

  1. I agree-that is a great tip about the wipes. I always have tools that need cleaning on my desk. I really didn’t think I needed to add the snips to my tool stash-but I’m changing my mind. I bet they’d be great to snip fine wire. Certainly more precise and easier to handle than wire cutters. Thank you all the good advice!


  2. I have wondered how the designers could choose just five favourite things from the huge array of goodies that Tonic have. Thanks for the tip on using the alcohol wipes.


  3. The picks all sound great. I could really use a good pair of snips. All you girls are giving great tips. The wipes will be a great help I never thought of using them to clean my tools. Thanks! ☺


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