Pom Pom and Nuvo Wreath

I am currently into the beautiful black and red buffalo check of the old log cabin days.  I have a messenger bag, a flannel shirt, and now several bits of holiday core that are all in that homey and comforting pattern.  It might even be a bit of an obsession, but who am I to self-diagnose.

Since a lot of my holiday decor is moving that way this year, I decided to create a fun little wreath using some Target dollar bin goodies to match!  Some yarn, some Nuvo glittey goodness, and a few hours of time all lead to a decorative and very textural result that is now hanging on the living room wall.


Supplies Needed:

Steps to put it together:

  •  Open up the two wooden pieces – the wreath frame and the “noel.”



  • Using the red glimmer paste, add a layer to both.  For the wreath, this provides a bit of coverage in case some of the frame peeks out when you add the pom poms.  For the “noel,” this creates a great base for the step that we will do to add extra sparkle and shine later.  Let them both dry.


  • While they are drying, you can start to create your pom poms, making your own templates.  I measured one out and then cut it to create a small pom pom.  You can cut varying sizes, however, to create big and small ones.  Once you create one, it is easy enough to create more. This one was 1 1/2 inches wide in total, with a 1/2 section cut out of the middle.




  • Now that your template is made, wrap your string around it.  Cut an extra piece and thread it through both ends.  Tie it tight, leaving extra length so that you can later tie it to the wreath base.  Slide it off of the form and then cut the loops and trim/shape your pom pom.


  • Now that “noel” is dry, we are going to use some tacky glue and glitter to add another level of sparkle!


  • Carefully apply the glue and then the glitter, recovering the entire form.  Shake off excess glitter, funneling the paper to return it to the bottle.  Put it aside to dry.





  • Begin tying the pom poms to the base – you can either thread them thru the holes provided and/or tie them around the outside.  Completely fill and cover the form.



  • Once the “noel” is dry, use some baker’s twine to carefully tie it onto the wreath.


I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season so far and that you are warm and cozy as we head into the thick of the fun!





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