Lady’s Luncheon – Gail Jaeger


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Do you like to entertain your friends for lunch?  Of course, it’s always laugh filled and heart warming, but, there’s always the china to wash by hand.  I have an idea that will make your luncheon more fun and less work.  Paper products!  We all have miscellaneous paper plates and napkins hiding in the cupboard.  What if each guest had a different place setting?  What if your centerpiece held little gift boxes for your guests and they match each setting?  What if each gift box held a decadent chocolate with sea salt and caramel?  Have I caught your attention and salivary glands?  Please read on.

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First, select a napkin and separate the front from the back.  This takes patience and dexterity.  Now take an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of good quality card stock.  Lay a piece of plastic wrap on the card stock followed by the napkin and a piece of lightweight paper.  A paper sandwich if you will.  We all have an ‘art project’ iron hidden under the laundry room sink.  You will need to preheat it to the linen setting with no steam.  You can begin to press your paper sandwich, frequently checking to see if the plastic wrap has melted.  Allow to cool.  Proceed to die cut each sandwich with the Tonic Diamond Favour Squeeze Box die set.  I used a Tonic Funky Glue pen with Tonic Sparkle Dust to bring out the design.

3LL3 - 1.jpg

3LL2 - 1.jpg

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Assemble the boxes and add brightly colored ribbons.  To assemble the centerpiece, I used a cornucopia filled with sparkling silk leaves.  Arrange the boxes amongst the leaves and add your favorite bottle of wine.

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Yes, be sure to use your best crystal for the wine and your friends.  Nothing adds more endearment than to attach the Tonic,  Best Friends, die to the bottle.  Finish setting your table and “enjoy”.

The Tonic products that I used are the Tangerine, #1063e Diamond Favour Squeeze Box die set and #1241e, Best Friends die Nuvo Sparkle Dust, Hollywood Red, Cinnamon Spice, Fresh Kiwi, and Snow Glow.  Nuvo Glimmer Paste, Golden Crystal and a Funky Glue Pen.


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