30 Minute Thanksgiving Banner


There is something absolutely wonderful about Thanksgiving – it has always been my favorite of the holidays.  There is no gift giving expectation.  There is just time to remember all of the things that we are grateful for and to spend quality time with our families and friends.

I feel that it deserves beautiful home decor and party-type decorations, just as much as Christmas or New Year’s Eve do.

That was the inspiration behind creating this simple, yet fun, Thanksgiving banner!  What is even better is that it is a quick and simple project to put together!

supplies,, tonic studios, dies, die cutting, thanksgiving

Supplies you will need:

Here’s how it will all come together:

Start by folding your paper in half


Tape the paper to the cutting plate, with the folds meeting in the middle, allowing you to cut two different paper designs at one time and saving a bit of time.  (Just know that this is a thinner paper.  Heavy cardstock or other heavier papers will need to be cut in one layer and folded after.)  I was able to do 4 different patterns at one time through the Tangerine.

tonic-thanksgiving-die-cut-banner-3 tonic-thanksgiving-die-cut-banner-4 tonic-thanksgiving-die-cut-banner-5

Cut a length of twine.

Apply glue to the inside of the diamond, along the bottom two edges – not on the fold.

tonic-thanksgiving-die-cut-banner-7 tonic-thanksgiving-die-cut-banner-8 tonic-thanksgiving-die-cut-banner-9

Arrange them on the twine, mixing sizes and paper patterns.

tonic, thanksgiving, dies, die cut, die cutting, tonic studios

Hang it up and your are ready to go with a quick and stylish Thanksgiving decor project!

Tonic, dies, Tonic studios, die cutting, thanksgiving

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!



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