Holiday Frenzy – Terri Kolte

festive layers1.wtrmk

Christmas paper is always in the stash. No matter how much sorting and purging we may do, the holiday patterns remain because, let’s face it, Christmas comes around year after year like clockwork!

There’s something very satisfying about working on holiday projects during the summer- it’s the possibility that maybe, just maybe, THIS will be the year I’ll have it all organized and under control with some magic plan.

festive layers2.wtrmk

Sorry, the heat must be getting to me!!

I know many of you make your own holiday cards to mail out to family and friends. Years and years ago I did too. Then life got crazy and that is one task that dropped so low on the priority list it actually fell completely off. This year could be different! With so many amazing dies out there I’m starting to believe that it’s actually possible to make my own cards again. This Holly Wreath die is one of those- there are dozens of ways to use it but here I kept it simple and paired it with the Regal Reindeer. It was so much fun to glitter up his antlers using Nuvo Glitter Drops! (also, check out his toe nails. or are they hooves?)

festive layers3.wtrmk

Yep, this just might be my year. I’d better hurry and get started before Halloween comes around and sidetracks me…

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