Fun with Tonic Embellishment Mousse – Kathleen Sanders

I always loved creating with stencils and paste.  Unfortunately, when the whole die craze came around, this way of card making almost became obsolete. It did manage to hang on and now I am so happy to see a new resurgence!  There are so many fun ways to use paste/mousse I could barely stop playing!  I did a couple of samples to show just a fraction of the possibilities available for use with this type of medium.


This first sample shows the typical use of the dimensional mousse applied with a palette knife through a stencil. I thought this was a perfect way to showcase all the beautiful pearlescent colors available in this line. I managed to use all the colors but two on this one card!  Adding the Birthday Wishes sentiment die (601e)  and a few sequins were all the finishing touches need to create this contemporary look.



Next up, are a few different things I did to just play.

  1. This first picture shows the different colors of mousse “finger painted” onto a die. (one of my favorite ways to use it)  I love how this medium just glides onto the card stock blending easily with other colors and leaving a beautiful pearlescent shimmer.  The right side of the frame also shows how colors can be layered, like using Indian Gold (802N) or Black Ash (811N) to give a patina effect.
  2. The second sample shows the medium in action on the tent gift bag die (623e). The Indian Gold mousse was used to color the die cut leaves and edge the panel. My favorite Aquamarine (807N) was used to color the background panel and the flowers.  In the close up photo below you can see better how the mousse holds up perfectly without chipping or cracking even after being shaped with the Floral crafter’s tool set!
  3. This photo shows the Pure Platinum mousse (803N) applied through a snowflake stencil. After the mousse has completely dried, the stencil is repositioned again over the mousse and pink water based ink was applied selectively through the stencil just onto the large snowflake to give added color. (think of the possibilities!) The shimmer of the mousse shines through the transparent color beautifully.  This technique to apply controlled color to select areas of a stenciled image is much less time consuming than my masked card above.
  4. This last photo shows how you can achieve an antique or faux metal appearance using your dies versus a stencil.  I cut one of my Moroccan screen dies (1049e) from black card stock and applied it to a black base, then simply rubbed lightly over the surface with metallic mousse.  (Of course you could also use a stencil and the Black Ash mousse to achieve a similar look!)


This is only the tip of the iceberg!  You can apply glitter to your wet mousse,  apply gilding flakes to Nuvo glue on top of dry mousse and on, an on…..

I hope this has inspired you to play.  I know I can’t wait.   Stay tuned for more!

Thanks again for visiting.




3 thoughts on “Fun with Tonic Embellishment Mousse – Kathleen Sanders

  1. This definitely makes me want to get it all out and have a play! Two that I especially loved were the shaped flowers and the ‘faux metal’ look. This is a GREAT blog post!


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