Wear your crown. Everyday – Terri Kolte

little bird2

Today’s share is made with the Filigree Flourish die set. I am completely smitten with this set- since I opened the package I think I’ve used one of the flourishes on just about everything that I’ve made! It’s definitely earned a top spot in my ‘ABSOLUTE, MUST HAVE’ arsenal of tools. Pinky swear.

little bird1

As delicate as this twining vine looks, it is surprisingly rugged when cut from a heavy weight pearlized card stock. Don’t let the lacy look fool you into thinking I had any difficulty cutting it either, the die went right through that card stock like a hot knife through butter- every single time.

little bird3a

By overlapping the flowers on either end of the die cut, you end up with a lovely little frame. If you needed a larger frame it would be simple to do so- just layer multiple strips over each other until you’ve got the size you need. With the curving vines you are able to connect them at any point and it looks like it was supposed to be that way.

little bird3

Nuvo Glitter Drops are perfect for the flower centers at each corner.

little bird4

As versatile as this die is, it’s bound to make many more appearances!

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