Home Sweet Home – Terri Kolte

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Laura Ingalls Wilder said that ‘Home is the nicest word there is’ and for myself it’s pretty true. Home is where you come from, long for, escape to. Some close friends of ours just moved into a new home and I wanted to give them something to help celebrate this beautiful space. It was the sentiment in the Sew Pretty ‘Home Sweet Home’ set that drew me in…


What I put together is a small booklet that can hold photos; it’s simply card stock that has been accordian-folded and filled with empty frames. To keep it all together there is a ‘belly band’ made of ribbon with the Home Sweet Home slipped over the knot.


To prevent the ribbon band from catching on the booklet I covered the knot with a strip of paper- that allows it to slip on and off with no problem.


The frame looks beautiful cut out of black card stock- it’s got an ornate wrought iron look to it that was really appealing. For the frames inside the booklet I simply used scissors to remove a portion of the die cut so that more of their own photos would be able to be seen. I liked the combination of the two!


There are three frames for photos plus a personal note tucked into the frame on the last page…


For each page I made a ‘sandwich’ of two frames- the bottom layer is just the outer frame, the top layer is the ornate frame which has been slightly altered. By adhering just the top edge of the frame, they can slide their photo in and then add a small drop of adhesive at the bottom to close it all up.


This was so much fun to make- I can’t wait to see it filled with their own photos. The cover has a matching sentiment on it, so that it looks the same whether the belly band is on or off.


May their home be blessed.

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