It’s the Cat’s Meow! – Michele Emerson-Roberts


I am so blessed with my four legged friends, Bitty Kitty, Sir Spotly (Jack Russell Terrier) and Rebel (German Short Haired Pointer).  Each is unique with their personalities and all fill a huge place in our hearts. They get special treats when they are especially good. Keeping the treats handy but out of their reach has been a challenge and finding a container for the treats was not easy…….Tonic to the rescue!


It's the Cat's Meow


Die cut the window frame from “Toby’s Sill” 4 times from 4 pieces of white cardstock.

On two of the die cut windows, place the kitty silhouette insert in the lower left corner, the flower vase from “Harvey’s Ledge” in the lower right corner, and any of the other inserts in the top corners, run through the machine to cut and emboss.

On the remaining two windows repeat with “Harvey” in the lower left corner.

Use the soft sponge to add some shading with the tan water base ink.

Attach the die cuts to the four sides of the treat container with Tonic Craft Tacky glue.

It's the Cats Meow  2


Dies: Tonic #1197E Toby’s Sill Pet Window

Tonic # 1198E Harvey’s Ledge Pet Window 

Tonic Advantage V Blade trimmer #159E

Tonic Tangerine die cut and embossing machine #147E

Tonic Craft Tacky Glue

Cardstock: white 8 ½ x 11” cut into ¼ pieces

Light tan water based ink pad & small soft sponge

Square container 5 1/2” tall x 4” wide (each side)

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