Love is the River – Michele Emerson-Roberts

valentine 2

There are so many meaningful quotes available these days. This stamp from Stamp A Mania is one of my favorites. Pairing it with one of my favorites dies from Tonic (and I have so many favorites……smile) made it so easy to creating a stunning card that will sure to be a hit with the recipient!

Tonic 178E Rococo Petites Acorn Swirl
Tonic Advantage V Blade trimmer
Tonic die cut and embossing machine
Tonic Craft Tacky Glue, double sided foam tape
Deep purple and white card stock

Envelope to fit card

Purple water based ink pad

Water mister, sea sponge

Stamp: Stamp A Mania MH7125-H

Scoring board & tool

Die cut three of the swirl from purple cardstock scrap.

Cut and score the purple card stock to create a 4 ¼” x 5 ½” card.

Mist the white cardstock with water. Pick up a bit of purple ink from the pad with a damp sea sponge. Dab and swirl the ink onto the damp white card stock. Allow the cardstock to dry.

When the card stock is dry trim it smaller than the card. Center and attach it to the front of the purple card front.

Stamp the saying “Love is the river of Life in the world” onto the right hand side of the layered card.

Attach the swirls die cuts to the left side of the card with tiny pieces of foam tape.


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