Tis The Season for the Sniffles – Michele Emerson-Roberts

Tis the Season for the Sniffles

DIY projects using Tonic Studios dies are simple to create and yield stunning results for any occasion. Michele Emerson-Roberts created this giftable DIY project perfect for teachers or to keep for yourself. After all it “Tis the Season for Sniffles”!

“Winter chills and sniffles go hand in hand. I love decorating for the holidays and this will be perfect sitting on an end table, mantel, or bathroom countertop or wherever you might need some tissues.

I will be making these tissue box surrounds for all of the holidays……already planned are Valentines’, Easter, Independence day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. With all the wonderful TONIC® dies to choose from DIY projects like this one are easy to create. And there is a die for every occasion making this project very versitile.


  • Score the clear plastic strip 4 times every 5 1/2”. (You will have an overlap piece left over….trim it to 1”.) Burnish the score lines. Glue the overlap with TONIC® Craft Tacky Glue. Set the surround aside to dry.
  • Die cut and emboss four each “ ’Tis the Season”, the small flourish die and the outside square “wreath” die from Kraft colored cardstock.
  • Apply the Tonic ®Craft glue to one piece of the die cut wreath. Center the wreath and attach it to one side of the surround. Center and attach the sentiment inside the wreath. *Repeat this step for all four sides of the surround.
  • Attach the small flourishes to the top of the white cardstock tissue box.
  • Place the tissue box inside the surround.

Dies: Verso Christmas Wreath die set 641e Tools:Tonic personal paper cutter and scissors, Scor-Pal™ Paper/Cardstock: The Paper Cut™ Kraft #709 Adhesives: Tonic Craft Tacky Glue Other: Clear flexible plastic strip 5 ½ x 25” strip White square tissue box (I made mine from white card stock)


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