Jolly, Holly Christmas – Michele Emerson-Roberts

“I create and send out over 100 Christmas cards each December. Creating them with the new Tonic® Christmas dies is a joy! Tonic® dies are easy to use and are very versatile too! Follow along and create some Christmas cards for your friends and family..”



  • Die cut two each of the Holly Wreath from the green card stock.
  • Trim away bits and pieces of one of the wreaths. You will be shaping this top layer for dimension.
  • Layer the shaped wreath onto the base wreath with tiny pieces of double sided foam tape or dots between each layer.
  • Punch numerous “berries” from the red card stock scrap.
  • Attach the red “berries” to the wreaths with glue.
  • Create an A2 center step card from the G45™ Christmas paper.

Assemble the card:

  • Attach the layered wreath to the top of the step card with tiny pieces of foam tape or dots.
  • Shape the top wreath to create even more dimension.
  • Use the BowEasy™ to tie a small bow with long tails.
  • Attach the bow to the bottom part of the wreath with the Tonic glue.
  • Attach the bow’s tails to the bottom part of the card.
  • Add your personal message to the inside of the card.

Mail the card in a padded envelope….or hand deliver it.


Dies:  Rococo Holly Wreath 1017 Tools: Tonic® personal paper cutter, scissors, 1/8” round hole punch, BowEasy™ Other:Tonic® Craft Tacky Glue, double sided foam tape  Graphic ™45 Christmas card stock, The Paper Cut™: Basic Green #BS204, scrap of Hopsack Red #562, envelopes, 9” of red, green & gold stripped ½” ribbon

From Guest blogger Michele Emerson-Roberts


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