‘Tis The Season For Winter Wishes – Heidi Blankenship


With the holiday season upon us, why not get a jump on creating some festive cards to give to your family and friends. These cards – created by guest blogger Heidi Blankenship are stunning yet simple enough to create that you can send them to your entire christmas card list. Be sure to make a few extra for those unexepected holiday guests or last minute get togethers.


Tip: Gold foil and other mirrored paper will show any little imperfections like the cut lines in the mats used for die cutting. To avoid this lay down a scrap piece of paper on your mat and then add gold foil or mirror paper and die on top–results–no imperfections! Just shiny perfection.

Dies:  641E ‘Tis The Season Christmas Wreath Die Set, 80E Rococo Poinsettia Wreath
Accessories:  NuvoPure Sheen Glitter – 700NRuby Red, 701N Olive Green, Nuvo Crystal Drops – 653N Bright Gold, Nuvo 203 Glue Pen Medium, 422E Funky Tape Runner, 419E Craft Tacky Glue 120ml


Winter Wishes
Tip: Save the drop out pieces after cutting out the main piece to add stars and snowflakes to the “sky” of the card.

Supplies Used
Dies:  598E Header Fold Die Set Christmas Wishes
Accessories:  Nuvo Crystal Drops – 660N Wedgewood Blue, 666N Gloss Carnation Pink, 422E Funky Tape Runner, 419E Craft Tacky Glue 120ml

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